Why Does My Dorm Room Get So Dusty?

by Doris Vanhouten

College life can be fun and a little frustrating sometimes. You will have to put up with a lot of people exhibiting different types of behaviour. Some might be clean, some might not be so clean. Others might be a little lousy while you might meet some people that may be quite nosy.

You might notice your dorm room getting dusty from time to time. When you notice this, you might be looking for possible reasons why your dorm room gets dusty. If you are looking for reasons and the best possible solution, this is the perfect article for you. In this article, we are going to be talking about reasons and solutions for your dorm room getting dusty.

Let’s go straight in.

Why Does My Dorm Room Get So Dusty?

A lot of students often complain about the level of dust in their dorm rooms. These dust are often a result of different things from lifestyle to friends, ventilation, and a lot more. Below are possible reasons why your dorm room gets so dusty

– Humidity and Air System

This is one major reason why your dorm room might get dusty from time to time. The air and humidity system determines the level of dust you will find in your dorm room. If the weather is dry or dusty, there is a pretty good chance your dorm room will get dusty occasionally.

If the weather is rainy, the likelihood of your room getting dusty will be much more reduced. However, during the dry season, there will be dust everywhere. Your body and clothes almost definitely pick up a lot of dust. When you get into your room, the dust from your clothes will accumulate over time. This accumulation of dust over time is what makes your room so dusty.

Apart from the humidity, another thing that can make your room dusty is the air system. If you have a terrible air system, there will be dust in your room. If your air system is faulty, the air system will not function properly. If the air system isn’t working properly, it will likely lead to dust in your dorm room.

Also, if your air system is terrible, it won’t just lead to dust in your room, it will also lead to you breathing air that isn’t healthy for you. Make sure you check the air system of your dorm room as it is a major reason why your dorm room gets so dusty frequently.

– Carpet, Pillow, and Fabrics

This is another possible reason why your dorm room gets so dusty all too frequently. The carpet, pillow, and fabrics you keep in your room will determine the level of dust you have in your room. 

Some carpets accumulate a lot of dust over time. Unlike the light carpets that don’t hold on to dust or can be easily cleaned, these hold on to dust as much as possible. Carpets like these are on the web. A perfect example of this type of carpet is the rug carpet. The rug carpet gathers a lot of dust.

Because of its texture, you will not easily see the dust as it is being accumulated on the carpet. The dust would have accumulated to a considerably high level for you to notice it.  Carpets like these could be the reason why your dorm room gets so dusty.

Apart from the carpet, another reason why your dorm room gets so dusty could be because of your pillow and fabrics. There are some fabrics and pillows that accumulate heat over time just like a rug carpet. When you take these fabrics out, you are likely bringing them back to your dorm room with some dust on them.

– Outside Substances or Factors

Outside substances and factors are things you should consider if you are looking for possible reasons why your dorm room gets so dusty too often. Most times, the substances you bring into your room from outside could be one of the things contributing to the dust in your room.

Apart from outside substances, another reason why your room gets so busty over time could be because of the types of friends you have and the people who come visiting. If your friends are not particularly clean, there is a pretty big chance that your room will get dusty all too often. This is because they will carry the dust on their body or clothe and spread it in your room. 

If you are looking for a way to reduce the amount of dust in your room, you should probably look into the substances you carry into your room. Also, make sure you close the windows often as it will prevent dusty substances from getting into your room.

– Inefficient Cleaning Method

If you notice that your room is getting dusty all too often, you should look into your cleaning methods. Sometimes, your cleaning method could be one of the reasons why your room doesn’t get as clean as you would like.

If your cleaning method isn’t efficient enough or if you use a terrible vacuum cleaner, your dorm room will get dusty. If you want to reduce the rate at which your dorm room gets dusty, you can simply change your cleaning method and use a more efficient cleaning technique.

How Can I Keep My Dorm Room from Getting Dusty?

Once you have figured out the reasons why your dorm room gets so dusty, it becomes relatively easy for you to figure out ways to prevent dust from getting into your room. Below are methods you can use to keep your dorm room from getting dusty.

– Good and Proper Ventilation

This is the first thing you need to do if you are looking for methods to keep your dorm room from getting dusty. Good and proper ventilation helps to reduce the smell or feeling of dust in your room. Proper ventilation also helps to reduce the dust in your dorm room.

When we are talking about proper ventilation, we are not saying you should always leave your windows and door open, we are simply saying you should ensure your window is open from time to time, especially during the summer as it would help reduce the feeling of dust and heat.

– Clutters

Clutters are another reasons why your room gets so dusty and looks unarranged from time to time. Imagine a scenario where you have to share a small space with someone, and clothes or irrelevant things are occupying the little space you are trying to manage with the person, it’s not particularly smart, right?

That’s how it is when you have clutters in your dorm room. Clutters do not only occupy space but they also accumulate dust. Simply make sure you clear the clutters out as it will help to keep your dorm room clean and spacious.

– Get an Air Purifier

Air purifiers are pretty useful tools especially when the weather is dusty. A lot of homes use air purifiers to clean the air inside their home. With an air purifier, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to cleaning or removing the dust in your home.

Air purifiers work in a very simple way. All you need to do is keep them in your dorm room and they will begin to work almost instantly. They will begin to clear the dust that is in your room. Also, they will help to give you much cleaner air to breathe.

– Wash your Fabrics

We all know that clothes accumulate dust over time. If you are looking to reduce the dust in your room, you should consider washing your clothes and bedding as they are the likely things that gather dust in your dorm room.

When dust particles fly, they will likely get settled on your clothes and bedding. Simply dusting them wouldn’t make it better, it is going to make it worse. If you are not wearing the clothes, make sure you wash them at least once a month. However, if you do wear them, endure you wash them immediately after washing them.

– Vacuum Regularly

There is a lot of cleaning equipment you can use for your dorm room, however, the best cleaning device you can use for yourself is the vacuum cleaner. With a vacuum cleaner, you will be able to get rid of more dust in your room.

Vacuum cleaners help you to get rid of the dust that is hidden in the unlikeliest of places. Also, they are pretty easy to use. If you vacuum your dorm room regularly, the chances of your dorm room being dusty will be very much reduced.  Also, use a good vacuum cleaner as it would help to make your dorm room much cleaner.

How Often Should You Vacuum your Room?

This is one question a lot of people tend to have when it comes to cleaning and sanitation in their dorm rooms and rooms at home. Different people tend to have different views or ideas about the number of times you should vacuum your room.

If you are the type that loves cleanliness, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for you to vacuum your room every day if you have the time. It all depends on your schedule. Also, if you tend to entertain a lot of friends and visitors in your room, vacuuming every day will be the right thing to do.

However, if you do not entertain people every day in your room, you can vacuum your room at least twice weekly. This will keep your room in a very clean state at all times. On the other hand, if you hardly stay in the room, you can vacuum it once a week.

Should You Bring an Air Purifier to College?

Air purifiers can be pretty useful if you are trying to deal with dust in your dorm rooms. They go a long way in helping to give you cleaner air and a host of other things. It is something every room or household should have.

You can bring your air purifier to your college if your school is okay with it. If your school is okay with it, you have nothing to worry about as you know you are not breaking any rules, however, if your school isnt cool with the idea, it might be smart to keep the air purifier at your college.

It is relatively easy to know if your school is okay with the idea, simply check the school rules and regulations to confirm if they have anything against it, if they don’t, you are set and good to go.

Should You Vacuum Every Day?

Vacuuming every day depends on your preference and schedule. Some people love to vacuum every day because they are not comfortable with any sight of dust or dirt in their room. Some would rather vacuum once or twice a week. This doesn’t make them dirty or anything, it simply boils down to preference.

If you will like to vacuum every day, you can go ahead and do it, however, it is not compulsory. It is much better to keep a healthier lifestyle by reducing the rate at which dust gets into your room.  

Also, if you use other devices such as an air purifier and others, you can relax a little bit by not vacuuming every day. You have nothing to worry about. However, if you have someone that is allergic to dust, you might have to vacuum your dorm room every day.


There are a lot of reasons why your dorm room gets so dusty. From external factors to the air system you use, the list of possible reasons why your dorm room gets dusty is endless. However, as there are endless reasons why your room can get dusty, there are also endless methods you can use to clean up your room and prevent the dust from accumulating.

There is no fixed schedule as to the number of times you need to clean or vacuum your room. It all depends on individual preference. You can go with cleaning once or a week or even more. Just ensure you use the right cleaning method.

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