Reviews of 4 Robotics Building Kits For High School Students

Most reviews of robotics building kits for high school students are riddled with kits that are of lesser quality. So we researched forums and social media groups, to ask people for their opinion.

Even though there were more than 50 suggestions and hundreds of feedbacks from verified buyers, for an effective selection process, we also make use of the Amazon filtering system. With it, we were able to come up with both high-end and affordable robotics building kits for high school students.

Below, I’ll be discussing the features to consider before buying robotics building kits for high school students.

Reviews of 4 Robotics Building Kits For High School Students

Here you’d be able to find amazing robot building kits for high school students, either as a beginner or pro; you’ll get some brilliant robotics kits to get you started.

Note: This section is divided into parts.

  • Robotics building kits For beginners in high school.
  • Arduino building kits for high school students.

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1. MakeBlock Ultimate 2.0 10-in-1 Robot Kit
MakeBlock Ultimate 2.0 10 in 1 Robot Kit 1

MakeBlock Ultimate 2.0 10-in-1 Robot Kit

It contains all the necessary components for you to build a robot such as an Arduino compatible controller, servos, sensors, gears, wheels, etc.

The first robot building kit for beginners, the MakeBlock Ultimate 2.0 is #1 and a reliable, enjoyable, quick option. It features an ultrasonic obstacle avoidance sensor that can detect the distance between objects, to avoid and bypass it. The MakeBlock Ultimate 2.0 is quite enjoyable; however, you need to put in some effort.

Another thing that is worthy of your attention is the option to program in the graphical editor, which offers a user experience similar. Also, you can program the robot using Arduino or Python.

One other thing about the MakeBlock Ultimate 2.0 on Amazon is that: It’s suitable for all levels of ability.

What You’ll Get:

  • 1 Set x Plate
  • 1 * TRA9118A Motor Driver
  • 1 * Robot HAT
  • One * 5-CH Line Follower Module
  • 1 * Light Follower Module
  • 1 * Servo Motor
  • 1 * Cross Screw Driver
  • Several wires
  • Needed screws
  • Buts
  • 2 * DC Gear Motor
  • Wrenches and standoffs
  • 1 * Cross Screw Driver
  • 2 * 18650 Battery Holder
  • 1 * Ultrasonic Obstacle Avoidance Module

2. LEGO Boost Robot
LEGO Boost Robot

LEGO Boost Robot 

This set brings you into a world of creative possibilities as you build one model and then remix it to make something entirely different.

The LEGO Boost Robot is a true robotics building kit for high school students that combine LEGO building with enhanced building technology. It includes a LEGO Move Hub with Bluetooth, distance sensor,  interactive motor and colour e.t.c.

All these exceptional features take LEGO Boost Robot to the next level, with the ability to build a robot in five different forms. Also, it is easy to get started; all you need to do is install the Boost app on your Android tablet. Then you can start building.

Besides being perfect for high school students, it can also be used by young children to learn the basics of robotics.

Overall, the LEGO Boost Robot is a good option for its simplicity and ease of use. Get the LEGO Boost Robot from Amazon.

What You’ll Get:

  • Interactive motor
  • LEGO BOOST wall poster
  • Distance sensor
  • LEGO move hub

3. KeyeStudio 4DOF Robot Arm Kit
KeyeStudio 4DOF Robot Arm Kit

KeyeStudio 4DOF Robot Arm Kit

Easy-to-assemble, programmable robot arm kit that can be programmed to perform a variety of tasks with the programming language you want.

This robot building kit for high school students is a programming robot that can be used for problem-solving, logical thinking, building skills e.t.c. Also, it’s made up of high-quality and teenage-friendly hardware and assembly kits.

With the KeyeStudio 4DOF Robot Arm Kit, you can make your controllable mechanical arm using a microcontroller.

Another thing about this robotics kit is that it makes use of R3 and two joysticks to control the angle of degrees of the four servos. With this, you have everything needed for arm installation and debugging.

What You’ll Get:

  • R3 Main Board x 1
  • MeArm T=3MM Black Acrylic panels x 1
  • Black 180° Servo x 4
  • Yellow-black handle 3*40MM Phillips Screwdriver x 1
  • M3*16MM flat-head screw x 2
  • M3 304 Stainless steel flat washer 3*7*0.5MMx10
  • Black 3*100MM cable ties x 1
  • M3 Stainless steel Hex Nut x 22

4. MakeBlock MBOT V1.1
MakeBlock MBOT V1.1

MakeBlock MBOT V1.1

It comes with over 175 building parts and can be programmed in many ways: drag-and-drop programming, block coding and Arduino coding.

This MakeBlock MBOT V1.1 is an ideal robotics building kit for adults. And it makes learning with it more fun. You can find thousands of resources on the internet as it comes with Arduino with a lot of communities who are always ready to provide a helping hand.

It’s worth noting that this robotics building kit PC and mobile devices. Like this, you are not limited to using a single device. In cases, when your PC is down, you can readily use your phone instead of waiting.

Another thing you’d love about the MakeBlock MBOT V1.1 is the easy wiring process. Just by connecting modules together, robots can be built speedily.

What You’ll Get:

  • MakeBlock MBOT V1.1

5. ELEGOO Smart Robot Car Kit v4.0
ELEGOO Smart Robot Car Kit v4.0

ELEGOO Smart Robot Car Kit v4.0

A smart robot car kit for beginners. This high-quality smart robot car kit consists of all components needed to build a fully functional robot car.

The ELEGOO Smart Robot Kit is a robotics starter kit that comprises anything you’ll need.. It is entirely predicated on the Arduino prototyping board. The kit includes a variety of hardware and software components that help students learn robotics by allowing them to do things like drive motors, follow lines, avoid objects, and control robots via infrared remote control.

The inclusion of the supplied sensors (infrared, ultrasonic, and a webcam positioned on the front of the device) which can form the inputs for such Arduino programs means that a good level of capabilities can be incorporated into this kit from a programming standpoint.

The ELEGOO website also has an official smartphone app that can be used to manage the device manually, as well as full instructions and building directions (including some video guides).

What You’ll Get:

  • Projects based on Arduino.
  • CD with tutorials.
  • Apps for iOS and Android are available.
  • There are 24 different sorts of components.
  • Instructional films and online material are both accessible.

6. SUNFOUNDER Raspberry Pi Smart Robot Car Kit
SUNFOUNDER Raspberry Pi Smart Robot Car Kit

SUNFOUNDER Raspberry Pi Smart Robot Car Kit

You can build a Robot Car Kit with this set. It is also an ideal kit for learning about Raspberry Pi and the Python programming language.

The Smart Robot Car Kit from SUNFOUNDER is based on the fantastic Raspberry Pi microprocessor and is a great way to learn about a variety of robotics techniques like controlling motors, following lines, avoiding, or following light, and using ultrasonic sensors for obstacle avoidance.

Because it is based on the Raspberry Pi, the bundled collection of sensors (including the specific line following and light tracking modules) may be used as input to a wide range of programs, allowing for a lot of creativity in terms of what can be produced.

The Python programming language is supported, as well as the (block-based) Dragit editor (which uses the Snap programming language), and comprehensive documentation is available on the SUNFOUNDR website.

What You’ll Get:

  • Compatibility with Arduino and Raspberry Pi.
  • Python and Snap are both supported.
  • User manuals and assembly videos are available online.
  • Modes include obstacle tracking, light tracking, and line tracking.

7. Freenove Hexapod Robot Kit
Freenove Hexapod Robot Kit

Freenove Hexapod Robot Kit

Fun and educational. With this kit, you can build a smart robot that runs according to your specifications and desire.

One of the best features of the Freenove Hexapod Robot kit is that it supports both the Arduino and Raspberry Pi boards in one box!

As a result, the Hexapod may be used as a foundation for learning to program with both programming systems, thereby providing double the programming learning potential compared to many robotics kits that only support one system.

Looking at the kit itself, it’s clear that this robot is meant to resemble a crawling insect! This may appear weird at first, but when you dig deeper into the design, you’ll see that the different movement modes provided by the 18 included motors open up a plethora of STEM learning opportunities.

A Wi-Fi connectivity board and the ability to manage the device via an Android or iOS phone or tablet are also included, reducing the need for wires while using this gadget. – Finally, from the supporting Freenove website, you may get building instructions and a demonstration movie.

What You’ll Get:

  • Compatibility with Arduino and Raspberry Pi.
  • A remote control device is included.
  • Wi-Fi board is included.
  • User manuals and assembly videos are available online.
  • C++ (Arduino) and Python are both supported (Raspberry Pi).
  • Control via iOS and Android is supported.
  • The Raspberry Pi and Arduino boards are not included.
  • 2 × 3.7V 14500 rechargeable batteries are required.
  • 1x 9V (PP3) battery is also required (for the remote control).

8. Freenove 4WD Smart Car Kit for Raspberry Pi
Freenove 4WD Smart Car Kit for Raspberry Pi

Freenove 4WD Smart Car Kit for Raspberry Pi

You can create an endless number of robotic applications with this kit, such as line-following robots, colour detecting robots or obstacle avoiding robots.

The Freenove 4WD Smart vehicle Kit is a wonderful kit for learning the foundations of robotics and programming, similar to the Hexapod kit mentioned earlier on this list.

This kit differs from the Hexapod in that it is a vehicle with wheels (rather than the insect crawling mechanism) and is designed to work exclusively with the Raspberry Pi board, rather than the Hexapod’s added Arduino support.

Thanks to the bundled camera module, this kit excels in providing sensors for line following, light tracking, obstacle avoidance, and face tracking! The Raspberry Pi computer (not included) is used for programming, and Freenove provides a 110-page downloadable code examples and instructions handbook.

What You’ll Get:

  • Compatibility with Raspberry Pi.
  • An ebook with a 110-page lesson and code samples.
  • User manuals and assembly videos are available online.
  • Python programming is supported (via Raspberry Pi).
  • Windows, iOS, and Android control are all supported.

9. LEGO 51515 MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor Robotics Kit
LEGO 51515 MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor Robotics Kit

LEGO 51515 MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor Robotics Kit

Includes all the basic components that are required to assemble a programmable smart robot car, such as motor driver board, DC motors, wheels, encoder discs and sensors.

The Lego Mindstorms kit is an all-in-one robotics kit that is suitable for students aged 10 and up. This is a comprehensive robotics kit, with 5 different robot models to create, approximately 1000 parts to work with, and an innovative programming app from Lego themselves!

While this kit is probably the most expensive of the robot kits on this website, it does come with everything you’ll need right in the box, ready to use, and is backed by a well-known toy company, Lego!

What You’ll Get:

  • 949+ components are included in this massive kit.
  • Nothing else is required to get started with this ready-to-use kit.
  • Support for the construction of five distinct robots (one at a time).
  • The Lego programming environment is included.
  • From the age of ten onwards, this game is appropriate.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Good Robotics Kits for High School

When selecting a robotics kit for high school kids, it is critical to discover some more sophisticated kits that offer greater flexibility and space for exploring individual STEM topics in greater depth.

For instance, a robotics kit that requires the user to construct a gearbox, adjust the gearing ratios, and connect it to a motor would be more appropriate for a child in this age range than a kit that includes the engine and gearbox pre-assembled, sealed, and ready to go.

Several of the primary areas to look for in a robotics kit include the following:

I. Electronics

Finally, when selecting a robotics kit, consider the kit’s electrical capability and how adaptable and upgradeable it may be.

As with the mechanical components discussed previously, some kits may place a lesser emphasis on electronics and instead include “ready-made blocks” that may be simply plugged into the robot as and when required. In comparison, other kits may emphasize the development of the electronics subsystem, thereby assisting students in developing more electronics-focused abilities.

II. Programmability

Specific kits are less concerned with the mechanics of robot construction and more concerned with the capacity to program the robot once it is constructed!

When done correctly, this approach can result in a robotics kit serving as the foundation for learning not only basic programming (e.g. turn right / left) but also more advanced topics such as monitoring motor speed, calculating distance, and interacting with various electronic components such as ultrasonic and light sensors.

This is a perfect moment to consider what is programmed with your robotics kit. Certain kits, such as those from larger toy companies, may include proprietary programming tools, whilst others, such as those based around an Arduino or Raspberry Pi, may acquire more generic programming skills using industry-standard languages like C++ or Python.

III. Mechanics

Having just discussed how beneficial programmability is for any given kit, it’s also worth considering how adaptable and interchangeable the kit’s mechanical components are.

Certain kits emphasize the “plug and play” nature of the mechanical components, such as gearboxes, motors, and wheels. For example, a gearbox, engine, and wheel might all be pre-assembled and sealed as a single construction block.


When it comes to buying robotics building kits on Amazon, this list contains our favourites at CoolItSchools.

Hence, keep in mind that some, though not all of the kits for building robotics in high school may not be suitable for students with basic knowledge of robotics.

An example is the LEGO Boost Robot, which is only recommended for those with no prior knowledge of robotics and interested in learning the necessary building process.

Note that, this list will get updated over time with more kits that would aid in learning for both beginners and experts.

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