9 of the Best Medical Schools in Rhode Island Reviewed

There are several medical schools available on Rhode island where you can obtain a degree. Most of these medical schools will not even require you to be a resident of Rhode Island as there are numerous programs made available by these medical schools that can be accessed from anywhere around the globe once you have an internet connection. 

There are numerous medical programs offered by medical schools in Rhode island which you can choose from according to your preference and aspiration. There are undergraduate and graduate programs and you can choose to specialize in a medical field such as pediatrics, psychiatry, internal medicine, anesthesia, or geriatrics. 

9 of the Best Medical Schools in Rhode Island Reviewed

Below is a list of the outstanding medical schools in Rhode Island that you can choose to attend to earn a medical degree. 

1. Brown University

Brown university is prominent and seats among the best medical schools in the United States of America. The institution is a small not-for-profit ivy league college that provides numerous disciplines including medical majors. 

The institution is also among the few universities that provide the M.D.  program as an undergraduate degree. Brown university also offers bachelor’s, certificates, master’s, and doctoral degrees in 14 medical programs. 

The institution’s M.D. program is well known and one of the most sought after in the country thanks to its flexibility. You can decide to enroll in the program as an undergraduate or as a medical student. 

2. Case Western Reserve University School Of Medicine

The Case western reserve university school of medicine is one of the top medical schools in the country. The university’s aim is to make its students leaders in the medical field and make sure they are impactful even when it seems impossible. 

The institution is named the best medical school in Ohio and seats among the top 25 in the country. There are numerous research-oriented programs available at the institution to assist students in preparing for their future careers through extensive training and critical skill building

The available medical programs at the Case western reserve university school of medicine include the university MD program, the Cleveland College Lerner College of Medicine (CCLCM) program, the Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP), and the Master of Science in Anesthesia Program, and the Physician Assistant Program. 

3. URI Medical School

The URI medical school is one of the few medical institutions that offer MD. programs as a subspecialty degree. 

There are several available programs being offered at URI medical school including internal medicine, neurosurgery, geriatrics, pediatrics, oncology, and others which have been accredited by the Accreditation Council for Medical Education.

4. Salve Regina University 

Salve Regina university is a private institution that was established in 1934 in Newport, Rhode Island. The university has one of the top medical schools in Rhode Island and boasts of a top-notch curriculum that includes six years of advanced coursework. 

The university offers 12 medical majors in bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. Students are also provided with the chance of studying abroad which presents an opportunity to experience another culture in a different part of the world. 

5. Rhode Island School Of Ocean Medicine

Accredited by the accreditation Council of Medical Education, Rhode Island School of ocean medicine offers different medical programs including oncology, pediatrics, geriatrics, internal medicine, and more. 

The M.D. program at the Rhode island school of ocean medicine is accredited by the body that accredits Graduate Medical Education (GME) and the institution is one of the few schools that offer an M.D. program as a subspecialty degree. 

6. Thomas Jefferson University College Of Medicine

Since its establishment in 1824, the Thomas Jefferson university college of medicine has awarded over 31,000 medical degrees and has the highest number of living graduates of any other private medical school in the country. 

The Thomas Jefferson university college of medicine offers both undergraduate medical education programs and innovative joint degree programs to over 1000 students every year.  The institution is recognized for its balanced approach to medical education.

7. Johnson & Wales University

Founded in 1914 in Providence, Rhode Island, Johnsons & Wales university has evolved from a junior college to a senior college, and eventually rise to university status. Due to the increase in job opportunities in the health care field, Johnson & Wales university’s college of health and wellness provides an integrative, multidisciplinary approach to prepare its students for a health-related career. 

The college of health and wellness at Johnsons & Wales university offers numerous health programs including the bachelor of science degree programs, master of science in physician assistant studies, doctoral programs, minor programs, and non-degree programs. 

8. Bryant University 

The Bryant university school of health and behavioral sciences aims at addressing the increasing demand for healthcare professionals. The institution provides a distinguished interdisciplinary education, cognitive and behavioral sciences, data analytics, and business. 

The school of health and behavioral sciences offers programs including biology, exercise and movement science, healthcare analytics, health sciences, and psychology while it offers degrees including Bachelor of Science with a biology major, Bachelor of Science with an exercise and movement major, Bachelor of Science with a healthcare analytic major, Bachelor of Science with health sciences major and more. 

9. Rhode Island College 

Rhode island college offers a health profession program that helps students attain a graduate degree in Nursing and Health Sciences. The institution also offers master’s and terminal degree programs through which nurses and health scientists can advance in their field. 

The college aims to produce professionals that are capable of transforming the healthcare systems and conducting cutting-edge research. 

With the accreditation from the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, the institution offers The Doctor of Nursing Practice as one of its Graduate programs. The Doctor of Nursing Practice degree is a terminal degree in Nursing for practice. Graduates of this degree are prepared at the highest level of practice and are ready to serve in advanced clinical and leadership roles. 

The institution also offers asters of Nursing Science where students have the opportunity to specialize in Adult/Gerontology Acute Care, Nurse Anesthesia, and Population/Public Health Nursing. 

Are There Any Ivy League Schools In Rhode Island?

No, there are no Ivy League schools in Rhode Island. The closest Ivy League school is the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

The University of Rhode Island (URI) is the best school in Rhode Island and one of the top public universities in America. URI was founded in 1854 and has a very large population with over 20,000 students on its main campus alone; it also has three other campuses located around the state that serve an additional 10,000+ students combined.

Is Rhode Island a Good Place To Go To College?

Rhode Island is a great place to go to college. The state has many colleges, including the University of Rhode Island, Rhode Island College, and Salve Regina University. While most schools are public institutions (and therefore relatively affordable), there also exists an assortment of private colleges.

The state’s leading universities boast top-notch academic programs and facilities, as well as low student-to-faculty ratios and strong graduation rates. You’ll find plenty of opportunities for extracurricular activities too—from joining a club or volunteering at your local library branch to competing on one of many intramural sports teams.

And when it comes time to look for work after graduation? Rhode Island has plenty of jobs available in fields ranging from healthcare services to information technology and more than 100 brand new companies headquartered here every year

What’s it Like to Live in Rhode Island?

It’s easy: Most people here are friendly, and the state consistently ranks among America’s safest places. What’s more, Rhode Island has a low cost of living—and with good reason. The average annual household income is around $70,000 (much higher than most states). And when it comes time to go out on weekends?

There’s never a shortage of things to do—whether it’s grabbing a drink at one of Providence’s many bars or catching a game at Fenway Park. What about food? Rhode Island is home to some great restaurants and eateries, from the famous White Horse Tavern in Newport (founded 1673) to Johnny Cakes in Westerly (est. 1793). What about crime? The state has one of America’s lowest crime rates, even though its violent crime rate increased slightly

Rhode Island is a state in the New England region of the northeastern United States. It is the smallest US state by area, the seventh least populous, and one of just two states with no general sales tax—the other being Alaska.

Is the University of Rhode Island Worth The Money?

The University of Rhode Island is a public research university that was founded in 1892. The school is the second-largest one in the state, with over 16,000 students enrolled. It is located in Kingston, RI, and offers undergraduate degrees at both the bachelor’s and master’s levels as well as doctoral programs.

The school has received recognition from several publications as one of America’s best values for higher education; US News & World Report ranked it number 100 among all universities, while Forbes included it on its list of top 50 universities in America for internationalization.

Is Rhode Island Boring?

Whether you’re considering a move to the Ocean State or just want to get a better feel for the place, there’s no denying that Rhode Island is one of the most desirable states in America.

While some people are quick to dismiss Rhode Island as boring, it’s hard to argue with the following facts:

  • There are many things to do in Rhode Island. From beaches and hiking trails on Block Island and in downtown Providence (a surprisingly walkable city), to world-class golf courses like Newport Country Club and exclusive clubs like The Country Club on Misquamicut Beach, there’s always something fun going on–or at least an excuse for a lazy Sunday drive through “The Ocean State.”
  • The food is delicious. Whether you’re looking for traditional Italian fare at Providence’s Federal Hill neighborhood or artisanal ice cream from Dolce Sicilia Farmstead Creamery Company, you’ll be sure to find something tasty wherever you go. And because New Englanders love their seafood so much (they should!) seafood restaurants are plentiful too.
  • People are friendly. This isn’t just some stereotype we’ve made up; residents agree that it must be true because they keep moving here anyway despite high taxes and difficult winters…but I digress… Even if they didn’t believe this stereotype before visiting RI themselves (and many do), tourists will quickly discover how welcoming everyone around town really can be once they set foot inside any one of our many charming restaurants or bars—and let me tell ya: no matter where they came from originally – odds are excellent that someone else sitting next nearby was born elsewhere too.

Is It Cheap To Live in Rhode Island?

You may have heard that Rhode Island’s cost of living is higher than the national average, and that’s true. The cost of living in Rhode Island is higher than in other New England states, too. It also tends to be more expensive than comparable eastern states such as New York, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. But you don’t need to worry about getting by on a low budget.

The University of Rhode Island (URI) has an annual tuition rate of $50,621 per year for out-of-state students who choose to live on campus. At URI, students can choose from 33 different majors ranging from business administration to marine biology and everything in between. This makes it easy for students who want their education experience personalized – and who doesn’t want that?

Although it may seem difficult at first glance to plan your expenses with such high costs associated with tuition fees alone; keep in mind that there are many scholarships available for people looking for help paying for college or graduate school costs.

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One of the opportunities for having a medical career is to enroll in a medical school in Rhode Island. There are numerous medical schools where you can obtain a degree at Rhode Island and we have provided a list of the top medical school in the state.

Check out our listed schools and their program before enrolling in your preferred institution. 

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