Is CompTIA PenTest+ Exam Easy?

by Doris Vanhouten

The CompTIA PenTest is something you will find very useful if your profession revolves around cybersecurity and cyber management. This pentest which tests your ability on different aspects of cybersecurity is something a lot of tech companies consider important.

There have been different conceptions when it comes to the CompTIA PenTest, while some people believe it is easy, some other people believe it isn’t. We are going to be addressing everything you need to know about the CompTIA PenTest, its usefulness, easiness, and a lot more.

What is the CompTIA PenTest+

This test is one test you will find very useful if you are into cybersecurity or you manage servers or websites for your company. This test which is one of the things the computing industry technology association offer is something everyone in cybersecurity should do.

This test which is a new certification revolves around the penetration testing field and discipline in cybersecurity. In the penetration testing field and discipline, individuals run their websites, apps, or servers through various attacks to know the weaknesses of their programs. These weaknesses are never exploited but corrected to make their system stronger.

The CompTIA pentest+ offers all of these and more. It also accesses your ability to deal with pressure as your system is being attacked. In this test, you will gt to answer up to 85 multi-choice questions for 3 hours.  These questions will revolve around attacks, communication, pen testing tools, and a lot more.

Is CompTIA PenTest+ Exam Easy?

This is one question a lot of people tend to ask when it comes to the CompTIA pentest+. A lot of people have claimed that this test is relatively difficult while some other people have claimed that this test isn’t all too difficult.

Well, among all the CompTIA tests which include the CompTIA security+ and the CompTIA cysa+, the CompTIA pentest+ is relatively the most advanced and the most difficult. This is because this test covers various programs from communication tools to information and gathering, penetrating tools, and a lot more. 

The test can be said to be wide in scope and a little bit complicated. Do not get me wrong, I wouldn’t want you to assume this test is almost impossible to pass, you can pass the exam. It all depends on one thing; your level of understanding.

Your level of understanding of the courses being taught during the pentest program is what will determine if the CompTIA pentest+ exam is easy to pass or not. If you do not have much understanding of the things you are going to be tested on in the exams, you might find the exam a little bit complicated.

On the other hand, if you comprehend everything you are going to be asked and the aspects you should cover, this test should be a relatively easy thing for you to do. The ability for you to decide if the CompTIA pentest+ is easy or not depends on your level of understanding of the program.

What Skills Will You Learn on the CompTIA Pentest+

There are a lot of things you will get to learn if you decide to go through the CompTIA pentest+ programs. Below is a list of skills you will acquire during the period of the training 

– Planning and Scoping

This is the first thing you will get to learn and acquire when going through the training. You will get to learn updated techniques that revolve around an ethical hacking mindset and a lot more. You will also be educated on concepts, risks, governance relating to hacking, and a lot more. 

– Reporting and Recommendation

This is another thing you will be well acquitted with when going through the program. You will be trained on proper reporting methods, how your reports should go, what should be in your reports, analyzing your finding, and learn to make a proper recommendation in your reports when carrying out a pentest

– Vulnerability Scanning

This is another skill you will get to learn. A lot of people in cybersecurity do not know how to do a proper vulnerability scan.

You will be taught proper methods and techniques for doing a proper vulnerability scan. You will also be taught how to analyze information, do proper recognizance, and a lot more.

– Tools and Code Analysis

Tools and code analysis are pretty important when it comes to penetration testing. This is why the CompTIA pentest+ is a pretty important program. You will be taught all the necessary things you need to know about code analysis, penetration tools, and a variety of other things.

– Attacks and Exploits

This is the most important skill you will get to learn in this training. You will be taught different ethical hacking skills, how to exploit a system or server, and a lot more. You will also be taught different attacking techniques, attacks on clouds, wireless attacks, and a lot more. 

What is the Relevant Information I Need to Know about the Exam?

There are a lot of things you should know about the CompTIA pentest+ exam. Below is a list of things you should know about the exam.

i. The Exam Expires every 3 Years

This is the first thing you should know when doing the CompTIA pentest+ exam. The first one which was pt-0001 expired on April 2022 as it was launched in 2019. The pt-0002 will expire 3 years from October 2022. 

ii. Type of Questions

You will get to answer around 85 multichoice questions during the exam. You also have as long as 165 minutes to answer the questions. 

iii. Language

The exam comes in two different languages which are English and Japanese. You will have to do the exam using any of the two languages listed.

iv. Passing Score

You have to get a minimum of 75 per cent in the exam before you can get a certificate. If you get less than 75 per cent, you might have to retake the exam.

v. Recommended Experience

It will be pretty smart for you to have some level of experience before taking the exam.  You should have at least 4 years of experience in information security and a lot more.

What are the Job Opportunities Available to a Pentest?

There are a lot of job opportunities that need people skilled in CompTIA pentest. You will find a list of job opportunities below

– Penetration & Venerability Expert

This is one of the best-paying jobs in cybersecurity. This job is one of the jobs that have a high demand for people skilled in the art of penetration testing. With this job, you will get an average salary of  105,000 dollars annually.

– Cybersecurity Analyst

This is another job opportunity that is available to you if you are well learned in penetration testing. You can become a cybersecurity expert in one of the big tech companies and earn a base salary of over 100,000 dollars annually.

– Cybersecurity Consultant

Every tech company needs cybersecurity consultants who will handle their cybersecurity problems. If you have taken the CompTIA pentest exam and passed, you are more than qualified to become a consultant. You will have a salary of over 90,000 dollars annually depending on the company and your negotiations.

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The CompTIA pentest+ easy is a very relevant exam if your occupation revolves around cybersecurity and penetration testing. While the exam might be easy for some, it might e relatively harder for some other people, it all depends on your level of understanding and preparation.

There are a lot of job opportunities available for you if you do this exam, all the information you need has been discussed in this article, a simple read-through and you will be good to go.

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