Is An ITIL Certification Worth It?

by Doris Vanhouten

ITIL certification is something you might find very useful. this is because most employers place a high value on ITIL professionals as people believe they have what it takes to make a business grow bigger, expand and make more profits.

With the value placed on this exam, many people tend to wonder if this exam is worth the time and cost. Well, we are going to be discussing everything ITIL certification, its worth, cost, and a lot more. If you will like to get all the information you need about the ITIL certification, simply keep reading

What is The ITIL Certification?

The ITIL certification is proof that you took part in the ITIL programs and training. It is the certification that proves you are well learned and well developed in service and organization management. This management includes using terminologies, thought processes, and systems that are common in modern information and technology.

One thing modern businesses need today is the ability for people to solve modern-day problems while looking for ways to achieve company objectives, promote growth and adapt to the ever-evolving space of the information and technology world. This is where ITIL certification comes in handy. It is a certification that proves that you are learned the thought processes and skills organizations need.

Is an ITIL Certification Worth It?

This is one question you might have on your mind if you are looking to take the course. It is pretty normal to have this question on your mind as a couple of all people also do.  The ITIL certification being worth it primarily depends on one thing which is your field of work.

If you are working in an IT-related field in your company, this is one exam that you will find useful. This is because the skills you will learn in this course will not only give you more knowledge and insights among your mates, it will also give you access to a larger pay as most employers place a high value on this certification

Apart from having the skills and access to greater pay, you will also have first-class knowledge on achieving organizational goals relating to your field and objectives. If you are working in an IT-related field in your company, this certification is worth it no matter the cost.

It isn’t just people working in IT-related fields that will find this certification useful, if you are working in a digital organization, team, or company, you will find this certification pretty important. This is because the course teaches you every organization goal process that goes on in your company.

You can also take this exam even if you aren’t working in an IT-related field. It would at least add more knowledge and skills for you which you might find useful sometime in the future, who knows? The ITIL certification is definitely worth it.

What are ITIL Certification Levels?

If you are new to the ITIL certification program, you should know that there are 5 levels to ITIL certification. Each level gives you the skills you need in various IT and digital processes in your company. Below is a brief of the 5 levels you should know.

– ITIL Foundation level

This is the first level you will go through if you are new to the ITIL certification program. It is the level beginners go through. At this level, you will get to learn the basics of the ITIL course and program.  

You do not need a prerequisite to sit for this exam at this level. You can also take self classes or distant learning classes at this level. However, you have to pass the exam by a minimum of 70 per cent for you to be qualified for the next level.

– ITIL Practitioner

This certification level was introduced in 2016 making it the newest certification among all the ITIL certifications. While the foundation level introduces you to the basics, this one takes you to the next level.

It teaches you the practical processes and implementation of policies in organizations and companies. Self-learning and distance learning are among the learning methods for this course. You have to get a minimum of 70 per cent in the exam to pass.

– ITIL Intermediate

This is the 3rd level of the certification program. It revolves around different aspects of IT management which include service life cycle modules and service compatibility. Each of the modules has various subcourses under them. 

It is not compulsory to learn the two modules, however, you can learn them through AXELOS. You should know that you can not self-study for this level.  You will be required to go through training from an accredited training organization. 

– ITIL Expert

This is a much-advanced level. The ITIL expert covers in-depth ITIL processes and practices across all disciplines.  There is a minimum requirement to qualify for the expert program. You need to have a minimum of 17 credits from the previous levels.  

You also need to pass this expert level for you to get access to the ITIL masters level.


This is the highest level in the ITIL certification program. You have to go through all the previous levels listed above before you can get access to this level. ITIL masters cover all the in-depth processes taught in the basics of the ITIL beginners level.

This level cost four thousand dollars and it has a very strict entry requirement. It is only for individuals pursuing professional courses in IT.

What Are the Benefits of Doing the ITIL Program?

There are different things you stand to benefit from doing the ITIL program. Below is a list of benefits you might find interesting.

– The Adequate Skillset Needed for Organizational Goal

This is the first major benefit you stand to enjoy if you do the ITIL program. Even if it is only the basics, you will get to learn a lot of skills needed for your company or organizational growth. 

These skills which range from designs to planning, adaptation, and implementation of things in an IT world, give you an added advantage over your peers and colleagues. With these skills, you will get become highly relevant in your company.

– Better Paying Opportunities

This is another thing that makes the ITIL certification worth it. We all know that IT and digital jobs are high-paying jobs around the globe. With this certification, it will be pretty hard for any employer to turn you down once you apply to work in their company.

Apart from access to more jobs, you also get access to a larger pay or salary. As long as you took your time to learn the course well, you will not be placed on the same salary scale as others in your company. The ITIL  certification gives you access to more job opportunities and higher pay.

– Innovation and Adaptation

If there is one thing this program will teach you, it is the ability for you to adapt to this ever-evolving technological world. With the ability to adapt, you will not be left behind in digital and developmental processes.

It also teaches you about innovation. The ability to see a forthcoming problem and the ability to proffer solutions to the problem before they even arise. This way, you will always stay relevant and indispensable in your company.


The ITIL certification is something that will always stay relevant in this information and technology world of today. If you are pursuing a profession in IT  or a digital-oriented company, this certification is worth it.

There are different levels to this certification, all the levels have been discussed in the article.

There are also different things you will stand to benefit from doing the certification, all the benefits have been listed in this article. Simply read through to get more information on the ITIL certification. However, one thing you should always keep in mind is the fact that this certification will always be worth it.

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