Step-by-Step Guide on How to Cool a Dorm Room In 2022

The dorms in your freshman year of college might be the most exciting place you’ve ever lived. But, it can also be a little difficult to adjust to all the new things. You might not know anyone and there’s no one else to help you figure out how to work the complicated thermostat.

All you want is a fresh start in life by living with roommates who have your back. It’s not too late. –  This post will teach you 10 ways you can cool your dorm room so that it becomes livable, with just a few adjustments.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Cool a Dorm Room In 2022

Cooling your dorm room does not have to be expensive, you can simply make use of DIY methods to do that with the tips below.

Let’s Get Started!

1. Pack the Right Stuff

The first step to cooling your dorm room is to pack the right stuff. This means packing extra fans, a humidifier and an air conditioner. Remember that taking these three items with you eliminates the need to buy them at school and gives you more space in your luggage.

If you decide to bring an air conditioner, make sure not to plug it into an extension cord. Only use a heavy-duty extension cord if needed and then plug it directly into the wall socket or power strip. It’s also important that you don’t place the air conditioner near anything that might cause damage, like metal furniture for example.

Bringing a humidifier is always a good idea as well. This prevents dry skin and helps prevent infection from colds or allergies. Plus, a humidifier will help regulate the humidity levels in your dorm room, which will make it easier for you to sleep at night because pure water is a natural sleep aid.

If you have any plants in your room, make sure that they are away from any heat sources like windows or lamps. Even if they seem fine for now, over time they’ll start closing up their leaves to protect themselves and this will reduce the amount of oxygen they take in making things hotter inside your room.

2. Use Your Air Conditioner

One of the most common ways to cool your dorm room is by using an air conditioner. The thermostat will change how cold it is in your room when you turn it up or down.

If you turn the thermostat up, the cooler air from the air conditioner will circulate around your dorm room. Turn it too high and you might freeze out everyone else in your dorm. You can also use these tips to figure out how to cool your dorm room without an air conditioner.

3. Invest in a Window Fan

One of the easiest things to do is invest in a window fan. Your college dorm room will be much cooler when you have a fan going. And, it’s one of the cheapest ways to make your dorm room feel cooler. Not only will the fan circulate the air around, but it also directs hot air out of your dorm and helps cool your bedroom down.

Another great thing about window fans is that they’re portable and compact so you can move them around if necessary. It doesn’t matter what type of windows you have as these fans are able to fit any space.

The power consumption for these fans are pretty low compared with other types of fans, so it won’t drain your power supply overnight or cause too much noise for you to sleep next to it.

4. Chill Out with a Drink

Yes, this is the first step. No one will want to hang out in a hot room when they could be getting ice cold drinks.

Put up some cheap twin bed sheets on the wall and then put a fun party banner over them to make your drink bar look really cute.

5. Keep a Towel Nearby

The first step you can take to cool your dorm room is by keeping a towel nearby. This will be useful when you have to wipe down the walls and any furniture.

The easiest way to do this is if you place a towel on the floor and kneel on it while cleaning the walls. You can also use the towel if you need to wipe up any water spills that happen when taking showers or washing dishes.

6. Keep Windows Open

Another way to cool down your dorm room is by keeping windows open. You can do this by using screens, as long as they are in good shape and not torn, or by using blinds or curtains.

When temperatures outside drop, air will flow into your room through these windows at night and cool it off.

7. Turn on Fans

One of the easiest ways to cool your dorm room is by making use of fans inside and outside of your dorm room. Depending on where your dorm room is located, there may be some natural breezes coming from an open window, too.

If not, turn on a fan near one of those windows so that cool air flows into the room while hotter air leaves out of that same window. There’s no better feeling than having cool air flowing in through one window and out through another window right next to it.

8. Eat Cold Food, Don’t Use the Microwave

The most important thing you can do to cool down your dorm room is to stop using the microwave. The heat from the oven will be trapped inside your dorm room, and it will make your room feel hotter than ever. This means you should save your leftovers for later, or eat them cold.

It might not sound that appetizing, but it will help you stay cool. If you absolutely have to heat something up in the microwave, make sure to open a window first and plan on letting your room cool down before using it again.

9. Purchase an Electric Heater

If your dorm room becomes too cold all the time, consider purchasing an electric heater. These heaters are safer and more convenient than traditional heaters because they don’t require you to open your windows.

This is a good solution if you live in a dorm on the ground floor and want to keep your windows closed.

10. Wear Warm Clothes or Blankets

One way to get a dorm room to cool down is to wear warm clothes or blankets. In order to make your dorm room colder, you just need to prevent yourself from getting cold. This will help you stay warm and keep the room cool.

It might be a little strange having layers of clothes on in the middle of summer, but it will help radiate your body heat and keep the air circulating in your dorm room. Don’t let anyone tell you that it’s possible to control the temperature with just clothes. It’s not true.

You can pull out this trick when you’re studying at night or watching TV in the wintertime. You don’t need any other appliance for this trick.

11. Plan Your Dorm Room Layout Properly

The first step to cooling your dorm room is planning the layout properly. You need to have a plan for the furniture you’re bringing so that it doesn’t end up in an awkward position in the room.

Your bed should be against a wall, with another piece of furniture such as a desk or dresser on the side near the window. That way, you can open your windows and get some fresh air while still keeping your belongings safe.

You also want to make sure that there are no obstacles between your bed and your window; this way, you can enjoy a cool breeze as you sleep at night. If there is an obstacle in the way, remove it! You don’t have much space in college dorm rooms so it’s important to make use of every inch of space you have.

12. Clean Up Your Room

You want to make sure your room is as clean as possible before you start trying to cool it down. If there is a lot of clutter in your room, it will get a lot warmer and that can lead to not feeling so great.

Start by taking out any trash and throwing away any food or drinks that are still around. You don’t want to leave anything that might attract pests.

Next, you’ll want to vacuum the carpet and make sure there are no stains on the carpet or furniture. A clean rug will help keep the room cooler because it won’t absorb as much heat from the sun’s rays.

Once your room is cleaned up, it’s time to invest in some fans. Fans work best when they are blowing air from a lower surface up towards higher surfaces. This creates more circulation in the air and makes it feel cooler. Investing in an oscillating fan is also a good idea because these can be moved around easily depending on where you need them most at the time.

If you have windows in your dorm, use curtains or blinds to help prevent sunlight from heating up your room during the day while you’re away at class or studying for exams outside of your room during the day.


Here you have all the tips you need on how to cool your dorm room. It is worth noting that all the provided tips need to be dully followed to get desired results.

In addition to all the tips above, it is recommended that you get a new pillow especially if the one you use doesn’t have an anti-dust barrier.

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