Can You Paint College Dorm Rooms?

by Doris Vanhouten

The dorm life is a pretty fun life that gives everyone a very memorable experience. Some experiences might be fun while it is not so much for others. Either way, dorm life is something you should definitely look forward to with excitement.

When it comes to living in a dorm, you might not be too comfortable with the current colour of the room. Some students would rather get new paint for their room to make their room much more beautiful and cozy than other rooms in the dormitory.

You will likely have different questions on your mind when it comes to painting a dorm room. If you are looking to know if you can paint your college dorm room and other things, this is the perfect article for you. In this article, we are going to everything painting concerning college dorm rooms and a lot more. 

Can You Paint College Dorm Rooms?

When you are moving into the dorm, you might have been excited about a lot of things. However, one thing that fell below your expectation might have been the painting of your dorm room. If you are in this category, you might be curious about painting your dorm room. 

The paint doesn’t even have to fall below your expectation before you have it in mind to change or put a new paint in your dorm room. 

Well, painting your dorm room is a pretty exciting thing to do. It gives your room a new look that would make you feel comfortable. However, some factors influence the ability to paint your college dorm. Below are the factors that decide if you can paint your room.

– The Type of College or Dorm You Attend

This is the first factor that decides if you will be able to paint your dorm room. The type of college you attend will be the deciding factor for you painting your dorm room.

Some colleges are cool with the idea of you painting your dorm room. That is, as long as your roommate is okay with the idea of you changing the paint, you can go ahead and paint the room.

However, some schools are not particularly okay with the idea of you changing or painting your dorm room. They prefer all the rooms in the dorm to be of the same colour. If you attend these schools, you will not be allowed to paint your dorm room as painting the room means you breaking the rules and regulations of the school.

– Remove Paint at the End of the Year

This is the second deciding factor when it comes to painting your dorm room. While some schools do not allow their students to paint their dorm rooms, other schools allow it as long as the paint can be removed at the end of the service year. 

If you are lucky enough to be attending a school that allows you to paint your dorm room, you can go ahead and change the colour of the paint in your room. At least, you wouldn’t be breaking any rules and regulations in the school.

You should know that you will be required to remove the paint at the end of the year. That is, when you are done with the room at the end of the session, you will either have to remove your paint or paint the room back to the original dorm room colour.

These rules and regulations apply to a lot of schools in the states. There is a pretty big chance you will find 5 out of 7 schools or dorms you know using this rule.

The ability for you to paint your dorm room largely depends on the 2 factors listed above. The type of school you attend and the ability for you to remove the paint at the end of the session is what determines if you can paint your college dorm room.

Can You Customize Your College Dorm Room?

Apart from painting your room in college, another thing a lot of people love to do is customizing their dorm room. Customizing your college dorm room is one thing that will make you feel more comfortable when you want to relax. 

Customizing your college dorm room will not just make you feel more comfortable, it will also give you the ability to bring out and express your creativity in your dorm room. If you take a look at some rooms that were customized by different students, you will be amazed at the level of creativity and artistry that exists in some of these students.

The ability for you to customize your dorm room depends on your school. If you are going to a strict school that frowns upon students customizing their college dorm walls, you might not be able to customize your dorm room. On the other hand, if you go to a school that allows certain freedom such as arts and customization to be done in the college dorm, you can go ahead and customize your dorm room.

You should know that the type of customizing you do will say a lot about you. Since it is a school or an academic environment, you should do customization that is relatively okay and acceptable to the school. If you do something that isn’t too appropriate, you might end up getting penalized, suspended, or worse, expelled.

However, if it is appropriate and beautiful, who knows? Your room just might be appreciated by the school authority just because of your creativity and its beauty.

Can I Put Wallpaper In My Dorm?

Wallpapers make everything beautiful. They add style, beauty, and cosiness to your room. If you are the type that loves to take pictures, you might have a fun and beautiful time fixing wallpapers in your dorm room. 

Some college dorms do not allow for wallpapers on their college dorm. These colleges would rather prefer that the design and pattern of all the rooms in the dorm are uniform. If you attend this type of school, it might not be particularly smart for you to put wallpaper in your dorm.

While there is some school that frowns at the idea of wallpaper in their dorm room, there are even more schools that allow for wallpapers to be pasted in the college dorm room. That is, as long as the wallpapers are not highly flammable, appropriate, and can be removed easily at the end of the session, you are good to go with putting wallpaper in your dorm room.

If you are putting wallpaper in your dorm, you should go with one that is very stylish and beautiful. Wallpapers are of different quality and they come at different prices. If you will like to get some for yourself, you can go with the relatively affordable ones that are stylish. This way, you will get to add more beauty to your room without having to put too much stress on your pocket.

What Is Not Allowed in College Dorms?

While wallpapers, paint, and a couple of other things might be allowed in some college dorms, there are a couple of things that are not allowed in a college dorm. Most students often do the mistake of bringing these things to the dorm.

If they happen to be caught, they get penalized and are often required to call their parents or guardian. Below is a list of things that are not allowed in a college dorm.

– Waterbeds

As incredible as this sounds, some students have tried to bring waterbeds into their college dorm. They often hope to use it to hang out with their friends in the dorm. This is very wrong as waterbeds are not allowed in almost every college you know.

There are a lot of reasons why waterbeds are not allowed. The principal reason is that it can cause a lot of damage if there is a leak. The water can make your roommate slip, or worse, the water could come in contact with electricity and cause a shock or electrocution. A waterbed is something you should never bring to a dorm room.

– Electric Air Freshers

This is another thing you shouldn’t bring when coming to the college dorm. I know it is pretty nice to be able to walk into a room and perceive nice and clean air, however, the risk of bringing a device like this to school is relatively high.

If you bring an electric air fresher to your dorm room, it can easily cause a fire. When a fire starts through such a device, it isn’t going to be easy to put them out. This is why you should never bring such a thing to your college dorm. This will help you to play safe.

– Alcohol

Almost every college student loves alcohol as it is something you will find at every college party. However, even though you can find it almost everywhere, you should know that alcohol is something every school frowns on.

While you might find it in the wattle bottle of most students in school, it is important to know that it is still banned. Firstly, you shouldn’t be taking alcohol if you are below the age of 21 as there is an age limit for alcohol in most states. Secondly, alcohol would affect your studies if you take them constantly. It is also addictive which is why most schools frown on it.

Apart from being addictive, alcohol is a highly flammable substance. If you keep them in your dorm room, the slightest fire in your room can get out of control if it gets in contact with alcohol.

– Electric Frying Pans, Microwaves, and Toasters

Everyone is looking for ways to cut time on cooking which is why a lot of students look for ways to get kitchen appliances such as toasters, electric frying pans, and a lot more into their dorm room. Kitchen appliances like these help to cut your cooking time down so you can get focused on other things. 

However, even though these kitchen appliances are quite useful, they are still not allowed in most schools in the states. This is because of the damage they are capable of causing. Appliances like these might not just be an inconvenience to your roommates but they can also cause a very terrible fire. 

To prevent the risk associated with this type of appliance, it will be relatively smart to keep the appliances at your home.

How Do You Cover The Paint on Your Dorm Wall?

Once you are done with your dorm room at the end of the school year, you will be required to restore the former paint that was on the wall when you moved in. if you are looking for a way to cover your current paint, simply follow the instructions below.

The first thing you will need to do is wear protective gear. This will help protect your skin and body from the paint and chemicals. After wearing protective gear, you can then prepare the room and remove the current paint on the walls. There will be some damage on the way as you remove the paint, make sure you fix those damages.

Once the damages are taken care of, you can wipe down the wall and ensure the wall is covered with masking tape.  Paint the wall with the colours you want, wait a while and repaint the wall. Once you do this, you have your room looking like the normal dorm room, except it’s only finer and possibly cleaner.


Everyone loves to make their room as beautiful as possible. One method a lot of students use is painting their dorm rooms. While it is allowed in some dorms, it isn’t allowed in other dorms. Wallpapers, just like paint, are also allowed in some selected schools.

There are various things you are not allowed to bring to your dorm room as the school frowns upon such things. 

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