Can You Have Led Lights In A Dorm Room?

by Doris Vanhouten

Led lights are things you can use at any time and day to beautify your dorm room. It adds a lot of beauty and can help you with your reading if you are the type that loves light whenever you intend to read or do some other things.

These lights come in different colours from green to red, blue, and white. You can use these lights to read, chill with friends and do a host of other things. They are also pretty affordable as you do not need to stress your pocket before you can afford one.

Can You Have Led Lights In A Dorm Room?

Most students prefer their room to be properly lit up as much as possible. They like lights in every corner of their room. Most of the time, if they are the type that loves to read, they usually try to get a white led light in your room. 

On the other hand, while some students love light, the reasons for liking it are completely unrelated to reading or academics. Some students love Led lights because they intend to use them to beautify their dorm rooms. 

Some factors influence the ability for your Led lights to be allowed in your college. Below is a list of factors that influences the ability of your Led lights to be allowed in your dorm room.

– The Type of College or Dorm You Use

This is the first and major thing that decides if you can have your Led light in your dorm room. There are some dorms or colleges that are cool with the idea of having Led lights in your room as long as it is not a source of inconvenience to your roommates. If it isn’t an inconvenience to them, you are pretty much good and set to have them in your room.

However, there are some dorms and schools that do not allow such in the rooms. If the school you attend does not allow such practices, you cannot bring your Led lights to the dorm room. If you do, you will be flaunting the rules which can get you penalized or worse, suspended.

It is easy to know if the dorm you use allows you to bring your Led light, you can simply check with your dorm authorities to get all the necessary information you need to have about bringing led lights to your dorm room.

– Purpose of The Led Lights

This is another factor that decides if you can have your Led lights in your dorm room. The purpose of getting Led lights largely influences the decision for you to have such lights in your dorm. 

Different people get the Led light for different purposes. Some get it because it helps them to read. If this is why you want to have led lights in your room, you might be allowed to have led lights in your dorm room. 

Also, if less light affects your eyes or if you have any medical condition that requires your view to be as bright as possible, all you need to do is explain to the school or the dorm authorities, and they will allow you to have your led lights n your dorm room.

On the other hand, if you are simply getting an led light because you will like to use it to chill with friends or do dorm pirates, you might not be allowed to have led lights in your dorm. 

The reason why you will like to have led lights in your dorm room largely influences the chances of you having the light in your dorm.

– Size of The Led Lights

The size of the Led light goes to a very large extent in determining if you can have your Led light in your dorm room. There are different types of Led lights and each of them comes in different sizes. They also come in different levels of brightness.

Some big-sized Led lights are used by some big companies. If this is the type of Led light you intend to bring to your dorm room, there is a very high probability that the Led light will not be allowed in the dorm room. This is because the light will affect the sight of your roommates or dorm mates.

However, if the Led light is small, it will likely be allowed as it poses lesser risks to your dormmates or roommates.  Also, as long as the Led lights are not multicolours or too flashy, it will likely be allowed.

Most schools and dorms in the states allow Led lights in their dorm room. However, some other schools do not allow Led lights in their dorm room.  It all depends on the school, the rules and regulations, and a host of other factors.

How to Design your Dorm Room with Led Lights

When it comes to designing your dorm room, there are a lot of patterns and methods you can use.  There are shapes, colours, and a lot of patterns you can use to make your dorm room much more beautiful. Below is a list of methods you can use to design your dorm room.

– Colours

The colours of your Led light will largely influence how you design your dorm room with your Led light. If you are using a plain colour such as white, you can easily hang it above your bed or in the corner of your room. With this method, the white light will light up your room.

On the other hand, if you are using a coloured bulb such as blue, red, or green, you can hang them in different corners of your room to add more beauty to the room. With this method, whenever you off the normal lights to sleep at night, the led lights will make your sleep much more enjoyable and peaceful. 

– Pattern and Shapes

This is another method you can use if you would like to design your dorm room with Led lights. You can form different patterns and shapes with the led lights which will add more beauty to the room whenever you put off the other lights at night.

You can easily design your dorm room with different shapes of Led lights from circles to a rectangle and a lot more.  You can also put them in different patterns. All you need to do is simply imagine the pattern and with a little bit of creativity, you will bring the pattern to life.

– Pictures

As unusual as this might sound, this is another method you can use to beautify your dorm room. You can beautify your dorm room with different pictures using Led lights. 

Some pictures are transparent and reflective, these pictures appear a lot more beautiful when they are kept in front of a Led light. 

Apart from the reflective or transparent pictures, you can also use normal pictures. The only thing you have to do is to put the led lights in front of the pictures. You can also put the lights right on top of the pictures on the wall.  – You add more beauty to your room when you decide to use this method 

– Spell out a message

This is another method you can use to beautify your dorm room. If you are an artist or you are looking to be creative, you can spell a message in your dorm room with the Led lights. What you have to spell is no problem. You can come up with different names for your pet, dog, club, favourite superstar, and much more.

Asides from spelling out a message, you can also use the Led lights in your closet or even on your mirror. You can add more beauty to your closet by adding some Led lights inside the closet. You can also add some of the Led lights to your mirror. The view is always magnificent. You will love it.

If you use any of the methods listed above, you will make your dorm room the most sought-after room in college. Everyone will want to spend some time in your room.

Can Led Lights Cause a Fire?

Fire accident is one reason why most schools and dorms do not allow students to bring their kitchen appliances and other electrical devices to the dorm. Fire accidents are pretty risky and they can be fatal if proper care isn’t taken.

It is very rare for you to hear a case or scenario of Led lights causing a fire in the school dorm. This isn’t because Led lights are not allowed on the school premises, it is because the risk of a fire resulting from led lights is pretty low. 

Do not get me wrong, I never said led lights cannot cause a fire. Every electrical appliance can cause a fire. However, the risk of an led light causing a fire is pretty low. You will rarely hear of such happening.

How to Install Led Lights in Your Dorm Room

You might be a little confused when you intend to install the Led lights in your dorm room. Below is a list of steps should take if you will like to install Led lights in your dorm room

– Measure The Area You Want to Put The Led

This is the first thing you need to do when installing your Led lights. You have to measure the area. Measuring the area will help you when it comes to knowing the length and other things accordingly. You will be able to cut the wires rightly and everything will be a perfect fit if you have the right measurement. 

When measuring the area, make sure you consider the distance between the led lights and the plug or socket you will use.

– Confirm the Led Light Voltage

Once you are done measuring the area where you would like to put the Led lights, you can then move on to the next stage which is confirming the Led voltage. 

As you know, there are different types of Led lights and each of them comes with different voltage requirements. You need to check the voltage requirement of the Led light you plan to install to confirm that they do not exceed the voltage that the school provides. 

Led lights will rarely exceed the voltage capacity of your school, however, if they do, simply change the Led for a much lesser one.

– Connect Your Led Light to the Power Supply

Once you have confirmed the voltage of your Led lights, you can then move on to the next step which is powering your Led light with the right power supply. Ensure you use a connector or a socket that matches your Led voltage. You will find different power ports that will work just perfectly with your Led lights on the web. 

This will help to prevent your Led lights from getting destroyed by the current. Also, it will help to make your Led light work better and longer.


Led lights are pretty beautiful lights that you can use for different purposes in your dorm room. The lights being allowed largely depend on factors listed in this article.  You can also get different types of led lights for your dorm room.

The steps to installing the Led lights are pretty easy. Follow the steps listed in this article and you are good to go. Also, the chances of your Led lights causing a fire are pretty low. Simply follow safety protocols and you will have the perfect dorm room you desire.

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