Can You Get Renters Insurance For Dorm Room?

by Doris Vanhouten

Renters insurance is one thing you can use to secure belongings if you are going to be moving to a new place. You could be going to a place where you are not too sure about the security, Protecting yourself against unexpected perils is why renter insurance comes in handy.

“Can I get renters insurance for my dorm room?” You might ask.

All these questions and more are going to be addressed in this article. We are going to be talking about renters insurance for dorm rooms, what you need to know, and a lot more.

Let’s begin.

Can You Get Renters Insurance For Dorm Room?

One thing you should always keep in your mind when it comes to changing locations is your security and the security of your belongings or properties. Thinking about possible ways to guarantee your security would save you from a lot of possible unfortunate events that randomly happen to people around you.

This is why rental insurance comes in handy. If you are moving to a new dorm room you are not particularly assured about when it comes to security, you should get renters insurance for the dorm room. Even if you are not moving to a new dorm room, as long as your current dorm authority or managers cannot guarantee 100 per cent safety for you and your properties, you should get renters insurance for your dorm room.

Getting renters insurance for your dorm room is very possible, the process is just relatively different from getting a normal renters insurance for an apartment and other types of houses. If your parents have renters insurance, it might even be extended to you in your dorm room depending on the type of renters insurance they get.

What Type of Insurance Does a College Student Need?

There are 5 types of insurance you will need as a college student, these insurance helps to protect you from any peril or liability that might befall you. Below is a list of insurance you need.

– Health Insurance

Nobody is above getting sick or falling ill. Health insurance comes in handy whenever you fall ill as a college student. With health insurance, you do not have to worry about paying exorbitant fees to treat yourself for any sickness you might have. The insurance company got you covered.

– Electronic Insurance

With this insurance, you will not be held liable for anything that happens to your electronics. If your electronics get stolen or ruined, you will be given a new one based on the type of electronic insurance you do.

– Renters Insurance

This is another type of insurance that will come in handy if you are moving to a new dorm. Renters insurance for students helps to protect you from a lot of unexpected events.

– Car Insurance

This is one insurance you will find very important if you have a private car you use to drive around the college. With car insurance, you insure your car against theft, accidents, and other things.  Car insurance is something you need as a college student.

– Identity Thief Insurance

This is one insurance you need if you see yourself making exploits in your academic field. An identity thief is something that happens to a lot of students in the states. Identity thief insurance helps to protect you from any liability that comes with fraud using your identity.

Is Dorm Insurance the Same Thing as Renters Insurance?

When it comes to renters insurance, a lot of students tend to assume rental insurance is the same thing as dorm insurance. Rental insurance and dorm insurance are two very different things, the only similarity they have is the fact that they are both insurances.

When it comes to dorm insurance, you will be able to cover things such as your personal belongings, your documents, and some other limited things. On the other hand, if you decide to do renters insurance, you will not just cover your personal belongings, you will also be able to cover your health or medical expenses and other limited liability expenses that might occur while you are in the room.

There are a lot of things that distinguish dorm insurance from renters insurance. The terms and conditions, liabilities, cost, and other things are distinguishing factors in this insurance. 

Can You Use Your Parent’s Renters’ Insurance?

When it comes to renters insurance, there are a lot of ideas and questions on the minds of different students. One question that is common to almost every student is whether they are allowed to use their parents’ renters insurance.

There are different types and each type comes with its modalities and a lot more. If you are staying with your parents, there is a pretty fat chance that your parents’ renters insurance is covering you. that is, you are among the benefactors of the renters’ insurance already.

Also, even if you are not living with your parents, the renters’ insurance still covers you. You can still get to use your parents’ renters insurance but your liability the insurance covers is going to be limited in this case. 

You can use your parents’ renters insurance as it is permissible by law. It only depends on the modalities or the terms and conditions that your parents subscribed to when doing the insurance. 

Does Renters Insurance Cover Other People’s Belonging?

It is pretty normal for other people’s belongings to be in your dorm room from time to time. If you are the social type, there is a pretty fat chance you will have a lot of people coming to spend some time in your space. You know what this means, more people spending more time means more people’s belongings being left in your room.

If any unfortunate event such as thief or burglary happens and other people’s belongings get stolen as well as your belonging, the renters’ insurance will most likely not cover other peoples belonging as it will only cover yours. If you have a roommate, the insurance wouldn’t cover the belongings of the roommate.

The only way the insurance will cover other peoples belonging is if they are added to the beneficial list in the policy. You should know that it is not particularly smart to include people that are not family into insurance like this as it simply leads to added costs for you.

How Much Does an Umbrella Policy Cover?

Umbrella insurance is something you will find incredibly useful for a lot of limited liability you own. It is insurance that covers a lot more than your automobile or house owner insurance. When it comes to umbrella insurance as a student, you will find it very useful for a lot of things.

The first thing you should know about the policy and what it covers is the fact that this insurance policy is relatively cheap compared to other types of insurance.

Secondly, this insurance policy covers other people’s damages. That is, it covers injuries that happen to other people and the damages to their property. For example, if your dog goes out of your house to bite your neighbour, this insurance will cover the damages attached to the action of your dog. 

This insurance is pretty good if you are a student and you are new to driving. It is going to help you cover for the damages of hitting any student on campus.

Will My Parents’ Insurance Still Cover Me if I Move Off-Campus?

One thing about insurance is the fact that they come in different terms and conditions. There are different types of insurance and the ability of the insurance to cover you largely depends on the terms of the insurance.

If your parent does insurance such as renters insurance, there is a pretty big possibility this insurance is going to cover if even if you are moving off-campus. Also, as long as you are not too far away, the majority of the insurance your parents do will cover you.

However, some insurance will be exclusively for your parents. Insurances such as your parents’ automobile insurance and medicare might not cover you.

Why Should College Students Have Their Own Renters’ Insurance Policy?

Do not assume you do not need a renters insurance policy just because your parents have an insurance policy that covers you. There are a lot of reasons why you should have your own renters’ insurance policy. Below is a list of reasons why you need your own renters’ insurance policy

  • They help to protect your things. 
  • You do not have to worry much about theft and burglary
  • They also help to cover additional living expenses


Renters insurance is something you will find very useful as a student moving into a new location. This is because this type of insurance will help you to cover a host of things from your belongings to additional expenses.

There are also different types of student insurance you can do while you go through school.  Go through the article above to understand everything you need to know about renters insurance and a lot more.

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