List of 20+ Best Youtube Channels for Homeschooling by a Homeschooler

Homeschooling is a great option for many families, but it can be tough to know where to start. There are many YouTube channels that can help with that. Think of this article as your cheat sheet for finding the best YouTube channels for homeschooling!

In this article, you will find a list of some of the best channels on YouTube geared towards educating kids and adults on a variety of subjects, from languages to science. These channels offer a wide range of educational content, so there’s something for everyone.

Best of all, they don’t charge you a dime! Browse through our list and let us know what your favourite channel is in the comments section below.

List of 20+ Best Youtube Channels for Homeschooling by a Homeschooler

Best Youtube Channels for Homeschooling – Youtube channels can be a powerful asset when you are creating a homeschool curriculum.

Youtube videos, educational ones especially, can have a lot of impact on the education of your kids. Youtube has a wealth of information that covers several subjects if you know your way around the app. So, let’s have a look at some Youtube channels that could be of great help in your homeschool curriculum.

1. Science with Tom
Science With Tom YouTube

This is your go-to Youtube channel if you want to know about matter, taxonomy, vaccines, or fossils. Science with Tom channel makes use of a unique style in the delivery of its contents. The information for a larger part of the content are done in songs.

Science with Tom can offer you science knowledge via traditional rap style or a mumble rap way of MC’ing. A lot of young kids will love this channel as it will keep them very engaged.

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2. Step-By-Step Science
Step by Step Science YouTube

This channel can make any kid feel like he or she is smart the moment he or she hops on the channel. Step-By-Step Science breaks down complex information around topics like thermodynamics, Ohm’s law, and circuits.

The information is explained with a multi-video approach such that it never feels overwhelming for anyone at all. This channel brings science to the masses in the simplest of ways.

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3. Science Channel

Science Channel YouTube

This channel has a more traditional approach to science in the real world. It covers several topics ranging from what happens when lava comes in contact with the ice to whether a human being will get stuck.

If he walks on a glue board meant for a rat or mouse what will become of the earth if species from other planets encroach. This channel has broad information to meet all your science needs.

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4. Cody’s Channel

CodysLab YouTube

This channel is centred on a filmmaker or scientist named Cody as puts himself in the thick of the action. He examines several cause-and-effect relationships. For instance, in a scenario when an earthquake just occurs, Cody goes to look at what the effects of the earthquake could be.

Cody is a bookkeeper and he has some incredible videos of how some unique creatures live and relate. His videos have in-depth knowledge and they are what you need to get the job done.

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5. Anna’s Science Magic Show Hooray

Science Magic Show YouTube

This channel could keep young and old viewers engaged. In this channel, a magician named Anna covers topics like what colour the human vein is, why cats purr and why we have butts.

She uses comical methods to explain things around human behaviour and this could even pass as one of the funniest science channels on Youtube.

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6. Kings and Generals

Kings and Generals YouTube

This channel uses a lot of animated documentaries that are very intricate and well-detailed. These videos contain information that is well researched and put together. Kings and Generals cover topics like Hundred Years War, Milan’s History, and Mongol Invasions.

This channel is your go-to place for historical battles and some amazing invasions. This channel has a lot more action than some fictional movies.

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7. What if AI Thist

This channel explores the possibilities of alternate history. It examines things like what the world could have been in the South had won the Civil War or what will be the state of things if there was never the Soviet Union.

This channel allows you to have a different view of many of the cathedrals that we know today as history. The information dished out on the channel is well gathered and well-structured.

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8. Suibhne

Suibhne YouTube

This also uses animation to convey historical information about places like England, Switzerland, and Poland. The channel is so well structured that the animations can capture just about anyone’s imagination.

The value put into the production process will more than keep your kids engaged. It is always one channel you can turn to for your homeschooling content.

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9. A Kid Explains History

A Kid Explains History YouTube

This features an 11-year-old kid named Mr Q who discusses several historical figures ranging from William Shakespeare to events like World War II and the history of Star Wars. The contents of the videos are well articulated and well produced.

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10. Alternate History Hub

AlternateHistoryHub YouTube

This channel uses animations to tackle subjects like what difference would it have made if the Axis Power had won World War II or what would the situation have been like if Ronald Reagan had never occupied the Oval Office.

The animation productions make use of unique styles to tell simple stories in assessing What-if scenarios. The contents run for an average of thirty minutes per video.

Although, It might not be as objective as the aforementioned channels the delivery of the videos will be something older students will love to engage.

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11. PBS Eons

PBS Eons YouTube

PBS covers information right from the beginning of life all the way down to the more recent Ice Age. Its contents are top-shelf and the way they are packaged is phenomenal.

It explains things like how eggs came first when rainforests collapsed and a whole lot more.  It engages both younger kids and older ones.

Young kids might not understand the information being put out but PBS Eons ensures that they are fascinated by the storytelling.

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12. Deep Astronomy

Deep Astronomy YouTube

Deep astronomy could help show your kids the far side of the moon or an asteroid set to make an appearance. This channel lives up to its name as the creators do not only put out facts but they also tell how these facts affect our daily living.

The contents of this channel can easily be understood by anyone at all. The videos show how the creators go out of their way to make big contents feel small.

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13. Martian Colonist

Martian Colonist YouTube

This channel can help your kids grasp things about outer space. It is dedicated to the eventual colonization of the red planet. The videos of this channel are however very lengthy, a video could last for an hour.

Martian Colonist tackles ideas such as building a Martian society, the concept of Mars One being legitimate or not, and whether NASA will ever send people to mass. It also covers other ideas like how humans will survive on Mars and how we will work on Mars. The channel has a lot of wonder and entertainment in store.

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14. NASA

NASA YouTube

NASA has a huge number of followers on Youtube and it is your go-to place for anything astronomy. The NASA seal is one emblem that shows legitimacy and their contents on the channel are also very entertaining which will certainly keep a lot of young people engaged.

Peradventure there could be someone in your family already wishing to become an astronaut, NASA’s channel will answer all the questions on the person’s mind.

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15. Isaac Arthur

Isaac Arthur YouTube

This channel actually has to do with a lot of future events helping you answer questions around whether the population of the earth could get to a trillion or around meta-materials.

It helps young people to see the possibilities that lie in the future from the facts that we have today. The videos are average for a period of thirty minutes. They are not particularly hard to follow or difficult to understand.

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16. Fraser Cain

Fraser Cain YouTube

This channel seems to combine the approaches of the NASA channel and Fraser Cain. It is a happy channel that centres discuss news topics around galaxies, black holes, and whether Jupiter can be a gravity lens.

The channel also seems to accommodate several age groups. Younger kids at home will certainly engage with shows like I finally watch a rocket launch and this is the highest resolution image ever taken of the Sun.

Older kids can enjoy shows like Is shadow a biosphere and Search for life on earth that is not related to us. This channel has a wealth of information.

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17. Star Talk

StarTalk YouTube

Star Talk channel owned by Neil Tyson, one of the foremost researchers on anything stars, is a very robust channel. It covers a range of topics from coronavirus to aliens to the smooth nature of the earth.

Star Talk is actually a very fun channel and it works well for older kids although young kids who are very curious will also enjoy touring this channel.

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18. Kids Learning Tube

Kids Learning Tube YouTube

If you are homeschooling young children and you want to introduce the world to them through songs, then this channel is the right place for you.

This channel literally covers everything from countries of the world to planets of our solar system to everyday learning.

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19. Travel Kids

Travel Kids YouTube

The young adventurers in this channel are ready to take you all over the world as they explore places like Thailand, China, India and many more. Young people are able to see and learn about parts of the world they never knew existed.

Some of the videos in this channel even go deeper into some specifics about the country like animas or toys unique to such countries.  Each video can be likened to a mini-lesson and it keeps young people engaged.

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20. Ants Canada

AntsCanada YouTube

This is one homeschooling channel suited for everyone.  Some information might be beyond the grasp of younger kids but the visuals can engage the attention of anyone. The channel explores the world of ants.

It shows us how ants live, work and how they consistently respond to changes in their environments. Ants Canada also shows us how queen ants lay eggs, new farms and the growth of ant colonies. It is a very interesting channel to look out for.

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21. Wildlife Aid TV

Wildlife Aid YouTube

This family-friendly channel answers a lot of questions about wildlife. It explores themes around how coronavirus has affected endangered wildlife, animals like foxes and rabbits and many more. It shows you how many animals you can rescue and it has a lot of information available.

It dispels a lot of wrong notions that we could have about some animals. Wildlife Aid TV should be one channel in your homeschool curriculum.

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22. BBC Earth

BBC Earth YouTube

This is your go-to for all things science, nature and humans. Many people can easily relate to the documentary called Planet Earth and this could develop in them an affection for this channel.

It contains videos of an array of information from how Humboldt Squid hunt in packs to how wet animals shake in slow motion mode to the best animal mothers. BBC Earth can serve as a supplement for any lesson plan you have.

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23. National Geographic Kids

Nat Geo Kids YouTube

This channel has a lot of videos on climate change, smart teach and swimming with animals that are large.

The visuals actually gather a lot of attention and the information is well broken down so as to be understood by young kids. Even older folks will actually have a lot to learn irrespective of the title of the channel.

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24. Mathologer (A Math-based channel).

Mathologer YouTube

Mathologer helps to make mathematics easy to understand by taking things that young people should know and connecting them to mathematics.

A lot of young adults and teenagers will be glad the way this channel breaks down big mathematics concepts into small pieces of information. It has some very funny video titles like secrets of parabolic ghosts and Pi must die.

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25. Big Think Channel

Big Think YouTube

This channel actually shows the top thinkers in a given field and how their major strength is based on their ability to reason things out of the box. It has content that could be either long or short videos so you can select which one perfectly suits your taste.

Middle schooler kids will benefit a lot from this channel if you infuse it into your curriculum.  It covers topics that have to do with purpose, distractions from electronic devices and space travel.

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26. Be Amazed


This channel has documentary videos that are small-sized. It covers topics like graffiti arts, how people have died in some dumb ways, or secrets that are in everyday things.

The videos are very intricate and fun as well. Everything here is done with a unique sense of humour.

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