Get Higher Result With 6 Best TOEFL Courses on Udemy

by Doris Vanhouten

For you to study or further your learning in any foreign country whose main language is English, there are paramount standards you must go through for you to be considered fit to study.

One of those criteria Is TOEFL.

Test of English as a Foreign Language is a test that accesses your ability on how well you can comprehend and speak the English language in terms of reading, listening, speaking, and writing.

These are skills that will be in dire need to ensure your educational processes are stamped and you are given the ability to further your education in your school of choice.

Nevertheless, taking a course for this test shouldn’t be a problem. Here are the six best TOEFL courses on Udemy which are effective, comprehensive, and budget-friendly.

Reviews of 6 Best TOEFL Courses on Udemy 

Are you in search of the best course to study more about the TOEFL program, here is a finely curated top six list you can find on Udemy.

You’ll be provided with different courses on Udemy, and in them, you’ll have access to all you need to get it right with your TOEFL exam.7

1. NEW VERSION – The Complete TOEFL iBT

Curated by Maria Guryeva, this program is created to help students who are to take the TOEFL test boost their scores and help them pass more than the required mark. It features 10 hours of on-demand video with an article, downloadable resources, and 2 practice tests.

The goal of this course is to ensure students are fully prepared to enroll for the TOEFL test so they can score a pass mark of 100 points and above. It is also fun to learn with as its terms and concepts are well laid out in comprehensive terms.

What You Will Learn:

  • Pass with 100 points or more in the NEW TOEFL iBT test.
  • Be readily prepared for all four aspects of the test i.e Listening, Speaking, Writing, and Reading.
  • Learning this program to the end will enable you to pass TOEFL and score sufficiently to enroll in the most prestigious American universities.
  • Know everything you need to learn to pass the TOEFL test, including templates, skills, tactics, and ready-made solutions to attempt and solve every question of the test.

2. TOEFL Made Easy – All Four Skills Preparation Course

Comprehensively laid out with the most needed information on passing the TOEFL test, this program takes you through all the necessary four skills that can help students make a pass mark in their test.

TOEFL made easy is created by Alfiya Khalikova who is multilingual and has had a background in TOEFL, ESL, Business English, and American Culture for more than six years now. This gives her more experience in the way of learning a second language and instructing students of NYU to become proficient educators.

This program is included lots of incredibly valuable information that are detailed and well-constructed allowing for increased engagement regardless of whatever reason you would be taking the test. However, the lessons are separated into 6 sections and 79 lectures with a video length of 8h 22m in total.

What You Will Learn:

  • Mastery is set to pass the TOEFL test with an outstanding score.
  • The important four skills to prepare you for the test.
  • Strategic aptitudes for all sections of the TOEFL test.
  • Mastery of the Reading section, including note-taking and speed reading.
  • Mastery of the Listening section, including note-taking and listening for the intonation.
  • Mastery of the Speaking section, including speech outline and clear speaking.
  • Mastery of the Writing section, including a writing plan and well-organized sentences.

3. The TOEFL iBT Top Secrets Course – COMPLETE!

Milad Mizani’s top-secret course is one TOEFL training program that you can opt-in for to boost your reading, listening, and speaking skills.

It features 7 sections, 66 lectures, and 36.5 hours of on-demand video. You will also have full lifetime access to the tutor and certificate of completion whenever you complete your learning.

Milan is an English literature graduate and has the goal to help people score better by enrolling in TOEFL tests.

What You Will Learn:

  • The five discreet ways how to enhance the speaking score.
  • The seven most classified ways of practicing writing.
  • Fifteen crucial lessons of grammar to know for the TOEFL test.
  • Strategies to improve your listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills.
  • Strategies to learn grammar and vocabulary.
  • Strategies to learn word stress, intonation, accent, pronunciation, and sentence stress and also ways of rehearsing each skill.
  • Will master and learn all grammar structures in the English Language.
  • How to make use of sentence variety to avoid repetition, to be familiar with the TOEFL style of questions as well as also to answer each question skillfully.
  • Know more about the TOEFL score evaluation and the required measures that can increase your score.
  • More about answering tactics, time managing, advanced grammar for a specific question, and also strategies to improve reading comprehension.

4. NEW 2021 TOEFL IBT Preparation Course plus 5 Tests – COMPLETE!

Created by Jan Lamprecht, this high-end course goes more into the essentials of TOEFL. i.e the fundamental skills needed to pass the test.

The program is divided into 6 sections and 30 lectures and also features 33 downloadable resources, assignments to be completed, full-time access to the tutor, and also a mobile or TV feature to access the lessons.

A certificate of completion will also be issued on participation.

What You Will Learn:

  • TOEFL fundamental skills for success.
  • TOEFL reading factual information technique, negative factual information technique, and reading vocabulary technique.
  • TOEFL reading inference technique, rhetorical purpose technique,  and reference strategies
  • TOEFL reading sentence completion technique, insert text technique, and prose summary technique.
  • TOEFL reading fills in the table technique.
  • TOEFL listening main idea technique, details technique, and listening inference technique
  • TOEFL speaking task 1 – the technique.
  • TOEFL speaking task 2 – campus announcement technique.
  • TOEFL speaking task 3 – general to a specific technique.
  • TOEFL speaking task 4 – academic lecture technique.
  • TOEFL writing task 1 – integrated essay technique.
  • TOEFL writing task 2 – an independent technique.

5. 26+ Complete Preparation Course for TOEFL iBT

Learn the reading, listening, speaking, and writing strategies and tactics to improve and prepare you for the iBT test.

Created by Keino Campbell, this program has three language subtitles that can enable students to learn without much stress.

The only requirement for this course is for you to speak intermediate English, have a computer system, a headset, and a microphone, and also a stable internet.

What You Will Learn:

  • Learn TOEFL strategies and techniques to score 100 plus.
  • Learn the detailed course substitute for in-person lectures.
  • Methods for the specific reading questions.
  • Twenty-plus practice and exercise opportunities.
  • Monthly live lectures to test understood techniques.
  • Tutors’ feedback on writing exercises.
  • Learn organized note-taking lessons for 26+ scores.
  • Embedded student exercise plus revised speaking category.

6. The Complete TOEFL iBT Course

Requiring just intermediate English skills and curated by Jane Cui, this complete TOEFL iBT course is designed for any student who needs to enroll and take the TOEFL test.

It features access on mobile and TV, full lifetime access, four hours of on-demand video, and a certificate of completion whenever you are done learning.

Its lessons are also divided into 20 sections and also sub-divided into 113 lectures.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to speak with composure in the speaking category.
  • How to select accurate answers in the TOEFL reading category.
  • How to make use of test-taking schemes to erase wrong answers in a flash.
  • Learn how to read and assimilate passages faster and recognize key ideas to answer multiple-choice questions.
  • Know how to memorize an essay structure that you can make use of for every test prompt.
  • Understand how to put up with fast notes that can help you choose the exact answers in the TOEFL listening category.

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Do not enroll for that test without going through a program that is well certified to learn.

Above is a list you can take to in case you are enrolling for any TOEFL test. The top six curated above should help and guide you in making a perfect decision.

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