5 Best Thinking Skill Games for Homeschooling That are Fun 2022

It is important to think outside of the box. To really challenge your brain and expand your mind, you need to do more than just read books. This article will help you find different ways to hone your mental skills.

You can use games, puzzles, or even good old-fashioned thinking tasks to get the brain working again. Some things you can do are crossword puzzles, Sudoku, quiz questions, word searches, and word scrambles.

This article will help you find out what kind of games are right for you and how they can be used in your homeschooling environment.

5 Best Thinking Skill Games for Homeschooling That are Fun and Educational

While you can prepare them for their future with math, reading, writing, and other subjects, you may also want to consider what type of games to play with them that will help nurture the skills they need.

Here are some games that can help your child develop problem-solving abilities, logic, spatial reasoning, higher-level thinking skills, and more.

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1. Skillmatics Card Games for Homeschoolers
Skillmatics Card Games

Skillmatics Card Games for Homeschoolers 

Teaches children basic algebraic thinking, while also providing hours of fun. The games are fast-paced and engaging and will keep kids wanting to play more.

The skillmatics card game is a great thinking game for homeschool students; it not only adds the needed fun it also ensures that the student learns during the process. In the game, the student can as up to 10 questions and they guess the animal on the game card.

The question they are required to as is; is the animal is carnivorous? Is it a domestic animal? Does it live in a group? And many others. Think hard on the questions; use the provided clue card to help you on the quest and the first person to win 7 games automatically wins the contest.

The game is not a difficult one, you are required to divide yourselves into teams, then you ask up to 10 questions and try to guess the card of the opponents, and the first person to win 7 times wins the whole game. That is the games can be played by more than one person, we could have 2 or more people playing the game and it will not affect the game the more people there is the more knowledge is gained.

The game also has other exciting features that make the game more interesting such as the clue card- gives us little detail about the answer also bonus question on the game, it requires planning to be the first team to win the first 7 but the process is a fun-filled one and entertaining. The game is made for the kids so the difficulty level does not exceed that of the kids so you don’t have to be worried about the game being too difficult to comprehend.

The game has a handy box that it can be stored in, the size of the box is portable which makes it easy for you to carry around with no to little stress. The game can be taken to the field trip, when the homeschool is on a field trip it can create an atmosphere of fun and excitement.

2. BOHS Literacy Wiz Fun Game 60 Flashcards
BOHS Literacy Wiz Fun Game 60 Flashcards

BOHS Literacy Wiz Fun Game 60 Flashcards 

A fun game that helps children learn to read. It utilizes the phonics approach which increases the likelihood of kids learning to read while having fun.

We also have the BOHS Literacy Wiz fun game for homeschool students. Kids, in general, are known to have problems identifying words, spelling words, word building, sentence structure, and many more. This is a natural order because they have no knowledge about the things in the world.

This game solves most of the problems if not all; it is created specifically for language beginners’ people who are just learning how to use language in a sentence, writing, and many more. It helps the student in letter recognition, spelling, sentence construction, word building, early vocabulary, and many more.

The game is played by the kids by using the cubes together to form certain words; this helps the kids to gain an important understanding of the process of vocabulary or words. This is aided by the use of pictures which serve as a visual clue to the students on the meaning of the word that was formed. The game helps ease the process of learning the word and vocabulary.

This game is totally fun, it can be played by the students alone or by taking turns to play with one another. It can be played in school between students or at home with siblings or friends.  The game is played by covering the word with the flap, the one who spells correctly keeps the card, and the one with the most cards wins the game.

The game is not just meant to help the kids have fun it also helps your kids to develop their concentration, memorizing of words, and many other things. The game will be a great help for teachers during fields trips, it must be known that field trips are an essential program for homeschool. The teacher can create a competition between the student with a little gift and tell the students to compete with each other and the winner goes home with a prize, this will create the spirit of competition and learning among the students, this is not limited to the field trip it can also be done at the homeschool.

This game help keep students busy, so it keeps them busy and learning at the same time.  The game will be a great help to teachers and parents at home with students that are having problems learning vocabulary.

3. Osmo Pizza Co. Games – Ages 5-12 communication skills

Osmo Pizza Co. Games – Ages 5-12 communication skills 

Helps children learn to communicate in a fun, interactive and supportive environment. Children will learn to read, spell, write and speak while playing.

The Osmo Pizza Co. Games is an important thinking game for homeschool and kids in general. It is an award-winning learning game for a kid which continues to help them in more ways than one. It is an exciting game that helps children interact with actual handheld pieces which might not be found elsewhere. This game can be played on Ipad or Fire tablet, bringing a Childs games piece and actions into a life stage for the child to experience.

A major advantage of the game is that it does not require wifi connection before it can be played. The game is to make pizza for customers and after selling you collect money r coins for the pizzas sold and learn how profitable your business is after the whole process is done.

The game does not stop there, it also has some additional games coupled with it, it contains addition, subtraction, fraction, mental math, and design and communication skills.

Like the real world, the game helps to understand business math, so if you have any kid interested in business or business maths, you can introduce the game to the game for starters. The game also helps to understand addition subtraction, fraction, mental math, how to run and grow a business, to understand social interaction especially between sellers to customers, listening, critical thinking, observation, creative problem solving, and many more.   The game turns real-life experiences into games for children to grow under it and also ensures they do not miss out on the fun the game is created for.

The game was designed for a kid from ages 8-12. The game was designed to start from the beginners’ level to the expert level. So the longer one spends in the game the harder the difficulty and the higher the level you are in the game the harder the games, this helps because the more levels are cleared in the game the more interest will be created in the kids.

Osmo helps the kids gain real-life experience which will be a great building block for future business ideas and success.  Osmo enables the kids to have continuous learning through the game and the audio and visual feedback function on the game helps kids to learn through real experience and to experiment in a stress-free and comfortable environment. This is a great thinking game that you will not want to miss out on.

4. Think Fun Gravity Maze Marble Run Brain Game
Think Fun Gravity Maze Marble Run Brain Game

Think Fun Gravity Maze Marble Run Brain Game

Think Fun Gravity Maze Marble Run Brain Game challenges your spatial thinking, your logic and your ability to solve problems.

The Think Fun Maze Marble Run Brain Game is another good thinking game excellent for homeschool kids. It is an award-winning game to show just how good the game is. The Think Fun game is a world-leading manufacturer of brain games and mind-challenging puzzles which is designed for kids and geared towards helping them. It helps to develop critical thinking skills above their pairs.

In the game, you play your way through the challenges presented by the game. The game helps build spatial reasoning, planning skills in the process of the game, the game is partly an engineering and building toy made for kids that presents a great stealth cover and a good learning experience for the young and new players.

The Gravity maze is a combination of logic game, marble run, and STEM toys together they create a wonderful experience for any kid that wants to have fun and learn alongside. This is certainly a must-buy if you don’t have it in your homeschool. The game contains 60 challenges from the beginner to an expert level not only this, but it also has a game grid, towers, 1 target piece, and 3 marbles to ensure that your kids and students have a fun-filled and wonderful learning experience.

Furthermore, the game has a high-quality instructions manual that is easy to comprehend and understand by any kid, so they can start planning right away. The game also can also help the homeschool teachers during any one of their fields trips.

The game can help keep a high level of excitement in the camp with many students playing the games, this will create a kind of competition among the students which will further help the students in their learning process. The game will be a great help and will have tremendous benefits for the students in a homeschool.

5. Coogam Wooden Block Spelling Game
Coogam Wooden Block Spelling Game

Coogam Wooden Block Spelling Game 

Coogam is a traditional wooden spelling game. Designed for children to learn block spelling. It’s a great way to practice phonics and spelling

The Coogam Wooden Block Spelling Game is another good thinking game excellent for homeschool kids. The game is a great early educational toy for kids. The game helps the teachers in teaching basic reading skills because the kid can read it and with a good explanation from the teachers the kid will understand. The materials used in the production of the toys are extremely durable, the block and tray were made with natural wood with non-toxic material to prevent accidents.

The toy was made with a large-sized wooden block to prevent a situation where a kid attempts to swallow the block; the toy was made to prevent all unwanted situations with a view on the capability of the age group the toy was made for. The Flashcards are durable with well-rounded corners and no sharp edges to prevent cuts or bruises to the kids, smooth for use.

The wooden spelling word is a great game for preschoolers who are just learning about letters and matching. The game helps the kids in more ways than one; it can help them recognize things and their names with their proper spellings. The game helps boost the confidence of the students as they build their vocabulary, letters, words, and many others. The game will also help them to be aware of the definition of some words.

The game is a great one for preschoolers because, for example, the matching letter will help them develop their memory skills at a young age which will have a big benefit to them in the future. It also helps the kids to develop their hand-eye coordination, not only that it also helps them by developing their mind, increases their spelling ability, word recognition; it also helps their concentration which will be a great foundation for beginners.

The game also helps the teachers in a homeschool that during field trips the teacher can take this game out and allow the students to place them. This will help in keeping the excitement in the group during the trip. This is a great game for homeschool students.


In conclusion, the list was compiled with the aim of mentioning a list of games that will be beneficial to the homeschool kids as they learn and have fun together.

The games mentioned in the list are not just for the homeschool, if you as a parent can also get these games for your kids.

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