Reviews of The Best Robotics Kit to Buy for Hobbyist In 2022

The evolution of robots and their ability to increase the efficiency of industrial processes has been extensively documented. Currently, robots are making their way into industries other than manufacturing. The rapid adoption of robots in businesses attests to their benefits. Robotics is a fascinating area if you’re looking to explore.

Robotics kits are gaining popularity as robots “enter the workforce” in medical, science, space exploration, construction, and manufacturing.

Reviews of The Best Robotics Kit to Buy for Hobbyist In 2022

Whether you’re an experienced coder or just getting started, a few robotics kits can help you get started. 

Here are the best robotics kit to buy for a hobbyist.

1. Makeblock’s Ultimate Robot Kit
MakeBlock Ultimate 2.0 10 in 1 Robot Kit

Makeblock’s Ultimate Robot Kit

This is a simple robotics system that helps to learn the basic knowledge of programming, electronics, mechanical design and much more.

Hobbyist can get their hands on a reasonably full robot kit from Makeblock. Modular parts and elements can be put together to create more than ten different robots. In fact, there are an endless number of robot configurations that can be created with only a little bit of ingenuity.

Makeblock designed this robot kit to be user-friendly for adults just learning how to build one, so there’s no soldering required. Straightforward wiring is used throughout the system. Additionally, the Ultimate Robot Kit offers Bluetooth wireless capabilities. 

You can operate the assembled robot kit and its separate elements with a tablet or smartphone after installing the necessary app. For those who prefer more of a graphical approach to programming (as toddlers and beginners do), the kit also includes Scratch Programming and the usual Arduino Programming found in most robot kits.

Highlighted Features:

  • This kit is ideal for a hobbyist
  • Assembly requires very minimal wiring and no soldering.
  • Control wirelessly

2. LewanSoul Minihand
LewanSoul Minihand

LewanSoul Minihand

This is a beginner-friendly robotics starter that any robotics hobbyist would love. It comes with many parts to easily build the desired robot.

The LewanSoul Minihand is a robotic hand equipped with servos for individual finger control. In order for the Minihand to respond to various stimuli, the kit includes a set of sensors. All that moves in the hand is the fingers; the “arm” that holds it is immovable. 

Everything fits into a space that is only 1.65′′ by 7.09′′. The only thing missing from the kit is a Phillips-head screwdriver, which can be found in a series of YouTube videos accompanying the hand’s construction instructions. Except for the plastic “tendons” that regulate the hand’s movement, LewanSoul built the hand out of metal. 

Action groups can be written in LewanSoul’s free PC software (which is not accessible for Mac) or in Arduino’s C/C++ library for programming the hand. The primary reason this is considered an advanced robot kit for adults is that it requires the ability to write Arduino code.

It’s possible to add a wide range of sensors to your Arduino code so that it can do more complex actions. So, you’ll need the Arduino IDE, which can be downloaded for free from the Arduino website.

Highlighted Features:

  • A 1.65-inch by the 7.09-inch robot hand.
  • Fabricated from metal and plastic
  • YouTube videos explain how to assemble the product.
  • The only thing missing from the kit is a screwdriver.
  • LewanSoul’s PC software or Arduino can be used for programming

3. Adeept Hexapod Spider
Adeept Hexapod Spider

Adeept Hexapod Spider

One of the best robots for hobbyists since it makes learning robotics easy and fun. It offers a wide array of robotic building kits, electronic modules, and more.

The six-legged Adeept Hexapod Spider is controlled using Arduino. RC and ultrasonic sensors let it operate autonomously and avoid obstacles. From the company’s website, you may obtain a ZIP file containing instructions for putting together the Hexapod, including circuit diagrams and example code. 

You can develop your own Arduino code by attaching sensors to the Hexapod Spider. You’ll need metal and plastic parts to make the Spider. Unfortunately, to get started with this robotics kit, you will need to acquire your own batteries if you want to assemble the device.

Highlighted Features:

  • A six-legged, Arduino-controlled robot.
  • Metal and plastic components were used in the construction of this vehicle
  • Accessory to assemble the robot
  • There are no batteries supplied

4. ROBOTIS Premium


It’s a high quality, reliable and affordable robot kit. It’s the best gift for robotics hobbyists to enjoy the pleasure of building a robot and learning robotics.

If you’re in the market for an advanced robotics kit for adults, ROBOTIS Premium is an excellent option. This robot kit from ROBOTIS was created with students in mind and includes everything they need to build and program a total of 29 different robots. Of course, you can also use the provided parts to make something different. 

You’ll need ROBOTIS’s RoboPlus software for PC, which comprises RoboPlus Motion, RoboPlus Task, and RoboPlus Manager. You’ll use RoboPlus Motion to control individual actuators in order to develop choreographies. RoboPlus Task is a C++-based programming tool that uses icons rather than having you type in every line of code. 

You can use RoboPlus Manager to manage and configure ROBOTIS Premium kit controllers and other components, such as applying firmware updates and configuring wireless communications, among other things. Coding and assembly instructions can be found in the ROBOTIS e-Manual. First, use the provided remote control to move each robot manually or configure it to move automatically.

Next, use the programming software to alter the robot’s behaviour, whether in an autonomous or controlled mode. Then, with the help of metal nuts and bolts or temporary plastic rivets, you will assemble the robot. A rechargeable lithium-polymer battery is included in the package.

Highlighted Features:

  • Instructions for 29 distinct robots are included in this comprehensive educational set.
  • ROBOTIS eManual’s directions for use
  • Everything needed to assemble the product is included in the kit.
  • A rechargeable battery.

5. Lynxmotion Phoenix 3DOF Hexapod
Lynxmotion Phoenix 3DOF

Lynxmotion Phoenix 3DOF Hexapod

Ideal for robotics hobbyists. The modular leg design allows it to walk or kick back and forth without changing the hardware. 

Lynxmotion’s hexapod spider robot kits are popular for Arduino-based robots, but their articulate limb and body designs make them stand out. It can also travel in whatever direction you want it to because of its DOF (Degree of Freedom) capabilities.

Also, Servos and wiring are included in this particular kit, so you can get started right away. Hitec 645MG servos are used in this build. The servo erector set brackets for this robot kit are highly durable, high-quality aluminium. As a result, it’s incredibly durable while being remarkably light.

Alternatively, you might purchase the version without electronics at a lower price. The robot and servos are included in this version, but no controllers (micro-controller or the servo controller) are included. Use this product if you’ve previously built robot kits using the relevant controllers and wish to reuse them.

The BotBoarduino will be included in this package. With the Phoenix software supplied in a robot kit, the robot can walk in any direction and turn in any direction and any combination of these features.

It’s reassuring to know that the programming is already done when you receive the kit. A PS2 remote control, a TTL serial control, or an Xbee radio controller can be used to move the robot about when it is set up.

Highlighted Features: 

  • Phoenix’s three-degree-of-freedom hexapod frame and the main body
  • Fully animated and realistic looking spider form with a wide range of control choices for walking motion
  • Hitec 645MG servos in a total of 18 units
  • Assembled using the Arduino microcontroller SSC-32, it includes a 6″ extension wire for the servos
  • A standard USB cable is included with the purchase of this product.

6. Official Arduino Robot Kit
Official Arduino Robot Kit

Official Arduino Robot Kit

It comes with an array of sensors that allow it to navigate autonomously around any environment while avoiding obstacles, which makes it an absolute delight for robotics hobbyists.

As a novice, the Arduino Robot is an excellent method to learn about electronics, mechanics, and programming. In essence, it’s a mobile computer that can perform various tasks. The best part is that this kit’s assembly does not necessitate the use of solder. 

An LCD screen, an Arduino IDE, and a USB cable are supplied. In addition, there are five buttons, five-floor sensors, two potentiometers, a digital compass and an SD card reader built into the robot after it’s set up. 

A speaker, two motors, and a coloured screen serve as the device’s outputs. Prototype expansions and TinkerKit connectors can also be added to this kit. It comes with four AA batteries and a charger for recharging them.

The Control Board is an excellent place to start for those new to programming and electronics because it’s easier to get your hands dirty there. Then, as your skills improve, you’ll be able to experiment with the Motor Board with ease.

Highlighted Features:

  • Each of the digital I/O pins has a single analogue input channel.
  • The keypad has five keys for input.
  • Input from the potentiometer knob is connected to an analogue pin on the analogue board.
  • A full-colour LCD screen
  • An SD card reader for FAT16-formatted SD cards is included inside the device
  • Degrees of deviance from the geographic north are displayed on a digital compass
  • Addition of three I2C soldering ports

7. Trossen Robotic’s RobotGeek Snapper Core Arduino Robot Arm
Trossen Robotics RobotGeek Snapper Core Arduino Robot Arm

Trossen Robotic’s RobotGeek Snapper Core Arduino Robot Arm

Designed to be as simple and intuitive to use as possible, while still offering plenty of flexibility for more advanced users.

The Snapper Core Robot Arm from RobotGeek is a wonderful place to start if you’re interested in learning about Arduino or building a robot. Modular components, sensors, and parts from RobotGeek are available for the Snapper. 

As a result, it is not difficult to obtain additional parts for replacement or testing. The Trossen Robotics marketplace is a great source to find other RobotGeek parts if you need them. Additionally, the kit’s customizability is bolstered by the fact that the system is based on Arduino. As a result, this robot kit has a seemingly endless number of upgrades and modifications you can make to it.

Highlighted Features:

  • A slewing bearing of 120mm in diameter is included.
  • Five degrees of freedom are provided by the RobotGeek 180 degree servos.
  • The kit itself can be customized and upgraded for various future endeavours.
  • Snapper Arm RobotGeek Sensor Shield is controlled by each Geekduino’s microcontroller board.

8. Elegoo Project Smart Robot Car Kit 
Elegoo Project Smart Robot Car Kit

Elegoo Project Smart Robot Car Kit 

This kit contains all the hardware parts required to assemble a Robotic Car. It has an easy-to-build robot base with line tracking and obstacle avoidance ability.

Robotic car kit for kids and adults who want to learn how to build their own robots with the Arduino platform. This STEM educational kit is easy to assemble and teaches programming and robotics to children.

It’s an all-in-one robotics education system that comes with 24 modules. IR remote control, obstacle avoidance, tracking and mobile control are all included in the modules. These are compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Your mobile phone can be used to control the Elegoo BLE gadget. HC-08 is an easy-to-use module that comes with the device. You may learn more about how to use it by consulting the included instruction CD. All the training, rendering and assembly instructions for the car are available in high-definition video.

The module interface has been updated to include an XH2.54 port, making it considerably easier to assemble and reducing the likelihood of errors.

The car’s battery can be recharged, and the overall design is simple. A wonderful present for students ages 12 and up. A one-year manufacturer’s warranty is included with the purchase of the robot car.

Highlighted Features: 

  • Autobot Car STEM Educational Toy Set
  • Provides an in-depth walkthrough of an easy-to-assemble CD 24
  • The ability to dodge obstacles smartly.
  • line-tracking
  • Mobile App Rechargeable Battery for Elegoo BLE Tool
  • Warranty of One Year

9. SunFounder’s Remote Control Crawling Quadruped Robot Model V2.0
SunFounders Remote Control Crawling Quadruped Robot Model V2.0

SunFounder’s Remote Control Crawling Quadruped Robot Model V2.0

This is one of the best for robotics hobbyists. It features a 4WD system, extreme speed control, and a highly sensitive touch sensor.

Sunfounder’s Crawling Quadruped Robot Kit is Arduino-based. Open-source electronics platform Arduino allows even amateurs to customize any robotic kit based on the platform. This quadruped kit will teach you how to use Arduino, modify servos and wireless modules, and use a wireless remote control to drive a crawling robot.

Detailed instructions are also included in the accompanying manual, which teaches you common robotics codes to better comprehend what you’re doing. The product’s technical support is also free. Overall, this is a great way to get into robotics as an adult and learn a lot.

Highlights Features: 

  • Provided in this set are the wooden plate and all the kit’s accompanying servo motors and screws.
  • The Arduino-based platform allows for a staggering amount of personalization.
  • 1850 Lithium-Ion batteries provide power.


With all we’ve listed above, you can get any of these gifts for a hobbyist. So shop for whichever you want, and you’re good to go.

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