Reviews of 7 Best Pen Tablet For Online Tutoring

Getting the best pen tablet for online tutoring is absolutely necessary for seamless communication with students from the comfort of your home.

However, the decision-making process of deciding which one buys is a little bit complicated and complex.

It even becomes more difficult for a first-timer who is clueless about anything related to either buying the best pen tablet for drawing or the best writing tablet for Mac.

Here we’ll be discussing the best pen tablets you can get out there. Each of their specifications and links to platforms you can get them from.

Getting the right pen tablets will not only allow you to write notes, explain topics in a more natural way, draw a diagram but also reduce stress and financial resources that would get dumped in the search for the best.

Reviews of 7 Best Pen Tablet For Online Tutoring

We’ve picked the best digital pen tablets for online teaching and you’d be learning about each of their benefits, what makes them stand out and why you should buy them.

Note that this list is a subjective one, and it was collated based on feedback from verified buyers on different social media platforms, forums e.t.c.

Read on!

1. HUION Kamvas 13 2020 Graphics Drawing Tablet
HUION Kamvas 13 2020 Graphics Drawing Tablet

HUION Kamvas 13 2020 Graphics Drawing Tablet 

Low-cost graphics tablet that is perfect for both beginners and hobbyists, features levels of pen pressure sensitivity, which allows  precise movements while drawing on the screen

HUION Kamvas 13 2020 Graphics Drawing Tablet is the first on our list of best pen tablets for online teaching, it has a lot of amazing functionalities that make it ideal not only for drawing but also for writing.

One of such functionalities is the full-laminated screen, which ensures no air gap gets formed under the screen. This signifies that you can clearly get a clear and beautiful view, even when in a super bright area.

Other than usability in an open area, it’s suitable for all ages. This is due to the fact that it’s easy and straightforward to use. The setup process is not difficult and can be done without a professional or a third party.

The HUION Kamvas 13 2020 Graphics Drawing Tablet is battery-powered and can be charged with a USB. Its usage of a battery makes it easy to carry around while not at the desk. In short, you don’t need to be near an outlet to use the device.

In terms of design, the design is genius. It has buttons at the side that makes it easy to set shortcut. – The customizable buttons are 8 in total.

Another thing about this best tablet for drawing is that it can be used by attachment with a stand that makes display so much easier.

What We Like:

  • It’s affordable.
  • User-friendly.
  • Not heavy.
  • Adjustable display settings.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The USB-C cable must be ordered separately.

2. Wacom CTL4100WLK0 Intuos Wireless Graphics Drawing Tablet
Wacom CTL4100WLK0 Intuos Wireless Graphics Drawing Tablet

Wacom CTL4100WLK0 Intuos Wireless Graphics Drawing Tablet 

One of the most innovative products for creative minds. It’s a great solution for hobbyists, professional designers, and artists alike.

When you buy the best writing tablet for writing and drawing, you are looking for a pen tablet that will work seamlessly.

Wacom CTL4100WLK0 Intuos Wireless Graphics Drawing Tablet is one of the best you can trust for your day-to-day use of pen tablets.

Unlike HUION Kamvas 13 2020 Graphics Drawing Tablet, It comes in 2 variants – small and medium-size. What you think of the sizes depends on preference, but the smaller size is more recommended, with it you can easily move around.

One thing you’ll love about this “Best Writing Tablet For Mac and Windows” is how slim and compact it is. At 6.0 inches x 3.7 inches sizes it fits perfectly on a desktop table with limited space.

Furthermore, it’s easy to set up and there is no limitation to which the hand side can be used, whether you are a left or right-hand user.

What We Like:

  • Easy to set up.
  • Wired and wireless connectivity.
  • The pen needs no buttons to function.
  • Ideal for teachers and students.
  • Easy to use.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Drivers for software are hard to find.

3. XP-Pen Deco 01 V2 10×6.25 Inch
XP Pen Deco 01 V2 10×6.25 Inch

XP-Pen Deco 01 V2 10×6.25 Inch 

Unleash your creativity with the help of this display tablet. It comes with a built-in rechargeable battery that can last for a long time.

XP-Pen is a brand accepted for its amazing products, and this XP-Pen Deco 01 V2 10×6.25 Inch Digital Graphics Drawing Tablet is not an exception.

Accept that the device is big, however, that does not stop it from performing excellently well. And it comes in 10 x 6.25 inches which makes it have enough working space.

To make up for its massive size, the thickness is only 8mm, and like every other high-level tablet, it can easily be carried around.

Furthermore, it features 8 customizable shortcut keys that fit perfectly to the fingertips. The buttons are structured to reduce misinterpretation of buttons and can be programmed for different tasks.

In terms of compatibility, XP-Pen Deco 01 V2 10×6.25 Inch Digital Graphics Drawing Tablet works with the regular operating system and applications. It’s compatible with Windows 7,8 and 10, Mac OS X 10.0 and above, and then Android 6.0 and above.

What We Like:

  • Sleek.
  • Enough working space.
  • Less weight.
  • Customizable express keys.
  • The stylus needs no battery.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Pressure sensitivity problem.

4. HUION WH1409 Wireless Graphics Pen
HUION WH1409 Wireless Graphics Pen

HUION WH1409 Wireless Graphics Pen

Features an ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your hand and gives you more control. The built-in pressure sensitivity makes it possible to create a variety of effects.

Are you looking for a wireless pen tablet with a shortcut dial? Look no other than HUION WH1409 Wireless Graphics Pen Drawing Tablet.

Other than having 8 multiple programmable buttons, it features a one-click toggle that allows an easy switch from an eraser to a pen. This makes the whole process of using this pen tablet less stressful.

With all of these exceptional features, it is no magic that the HUION WH1409 Wireless Graphics Pen Drawing Tablet is one of the best and most affordable pen tablets that offers value for its price. it comes with a drawing glove that reduces grease on the screen.

Despite being on sale for less than 100 dollars, the package comes with accessories such as 1x Pen Stand 8x Replacement Pen Nibs, 1x Quick Guide 1x Protective Film, 1x USB to Micro USB adapter, 1X USB to USB-C adapter, 1x Drawing Glove, 1x USB Cable e.t.c needed for proper use of pen tablet for teaching.

What We Like:

  • Easy product transition.
  • It’s easy to use.
  • Ideal for teachers, educators, and IT professionals.
  • Affordable

What We Don’t Like:

  • Little problem setting up

5. XP Pen Star G430S
XP Pen Star G430S

XP Pen Star G430S for Tutoring Online

XP-Pen is lightweight, and has a slim and elegant design that makes the tablet easy to carry. You will have no problem taking it everywhere with you.

There are few digital writing pads as inexpensive as the Xp Pen Star G430S. Even if this tablet is less expensive, the writing quality is excellent, and that’s something you’ll appreciate about it. Unlike other tablets, the tablet’s electronics are entirely squeezed into one side of the device, on the left.

Writing on this tablet may be difficult due to the small working space (only 4 × 3 inches). Instead, use the accompanying stylus’ two buttons to quickly switch between pen and eraser modes. Because it cannot be replaced, the cable connecting the tablet to the gadget is permanently attached.

In terms of quality, responsiveness, and stylus accuracy, this tablet is not as advanced as other tablets, but it is still comparable to other tablets.

What We Like:

  • Compact and thin
  • The pen comes with spare tips
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Very resistant

What We Don’t Like:

  • The tablet does not have a micro USB cable like other devices.
  • The pen has a cheap feel to it.
  • Tip-to-tablet contact causes the tips to scrape instead of slipping on a Wacom or pen.

6. One by Wacom
One by Wacom

One by Wacom for Online Teaching

One by Wacom provides one of the best and most affordable pen display tablets for online tutoring, digital art creation and other professional graphic design applications.

Both small and bigger version of the tablet is available. The working space of the smaller tablet is 6 x 3.7 inches, while the writing area of the medium tablet is 8.5 x 5.3 inches. In addition to it, there are no other features on the tablet, such as shortcut buttons or dials.

Others prefer the tablet’s minimalistic design. Despite being a cheap tablet, this tablet features the same high-quality drawing surface as the Wacom Intuos. In addition, the surface is scratch-resistant and offers a well-balanced writing texture.

It’s a beautiful choice if you’re searching for an inexpensive tablet from a recognized brand.

What We Like:

  • It’s straightforward.
  • With a large writing area, this is a good value.
  • Lightweight and battery-free, the pen is ideal for those on the go

What We Don’t Like:

  • There are no shortcut buttons or sensitivity settings.

7. Huion Inspiroy Ink H320M 
Huion Inspiroy Ink H320M

Huion Inspiroy Ink H320M 

A fantastic pen display with smooth lines and a wide viewing angle. It is designed to aid the education process by making learning on tablets easier and more fun.

This is one of the most unusual tablets you’ll encounter at a retail store. There are two writing modes available with the Huion Inspiroy ink. i.

In addition to a standard digital pen that connects to a computer, you also have a stylus. In addition, there is a second writing space at the rear of the device that features an LCD writing pad.

The LCD can be used without a computer as a stand-alone writing device powered by a button cell.

With the pen tablet and LCD pad functioning as digital writing tools, this dual-mode digital writing tool could be an excellent tool for online educators.

While the LCD pad measures 10.2 x 6.2 inches, the digital pen tablet measures 9 x 5.6 inches in writing space.

The anti-slip rubber pads on the back of the tablet assist it to better hold a smooth surface and gently lift the tablet above the surface to protect the LCD pad from being scratched.

Eleven customizable buttons are included, including a USB connector for connecting the tablet to a PC or laptop.

What We Like:

  • The pen is battery- and charge-free.
  • One side of the LCD has a greater area for writing.
  • All of the tools necessary to customize the tablet are included.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The Mac and Windows setup software is a little rudimentary.
  • You reboot when you press the “Finish” button.
  • Incompatible with a large number of mobile devices.

8. GAOMON S620 6.5 x 4 Inches Graphics Tablet
GAOMON S620 6.5 x 4 Inches Graphics Tablet

GAOMON S620 6.5 x 4 Inches Graphics Tablet

GAOMON S620 is a high-end graphics tablet that provides 10 times higher precision than other average tablets on the market.

This tablet’s pen tracking is excellent. Its main selling point is the unique drawing experience it provides. There are several keyboard shortcuts for standard computer functions, such as copy and paste, that can be programmed. Using this in a math lesson can provide the ultimate learning experience. You may use a tablet to teach complex math concepts by drawing the functions on the tablet screen.

Getting your kids to grasp arithmetic is as simple as providing them with a few teaching aids. Teaching or online tutoring with this pen tablet is a cinch.

The only drawback is that Mac drivers are required for the setup. However, from the manufacturer’s website, they are available for download.

What We Like:

  • Software is easy to understand/navigate
  • Easy setup
  • Portable
  • It has a USB connector for phones

What We Don’t Like:

  • No clutter

9. Cintiq 16 
Cintiq 16

Cintiq 16 for Teaching Online

It is a lightweight, portable and highly recommended device for teachers who gives online tutoring lessons and students who take them.

For those who prefer drawing on paper, the Cintiq 16 Drawing Tablet is ideal. Of course, there is some resistance, but it is not as slick as an iPad Pro, which is a plus.

The new Intuos pen has greater sensitivity than the old one, surprising given the prevalence of pressure-sensitive devices.

It has a natural, responsive, and sensitive feel to it. For both teachings online and for enjoyment, this gadget has programmable buttons that may be used to customize its functions.

What We Like:

  • Gorgeous display.
  • Pen and tablet that feels good in your hand.
  • It’s easy to set up on your PC.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It’s a bit much for teachers

10. Wacom Mobile Studio Pro (16 inches)
Wacom Mobile Studio Pro 16 inches

Wacom Mobile Studio Pro (16 inches)

It’s an ideal buy for anyone who requires a pen tablet that can match the performance of a mouse. It’s lightweight and portable.

A graphics and writing tablet with a tremendous amount of power and functionality. We included it because we believe it to be one of, if not the, best product in its field. However, unless you’re a graphic designer or a professor at a prestigious university, the Mobile Studio Pro is too bulky and oversized for most people.

In addition to its small size, the Wacom Mobile Studio Pro 16 has a strong Intel engine and quick data processing capabilities. As a result, it has a massive amount of processing power and can transfer up to 128GB of data per second via Thunderbolt 3 connectivity.

Artists of different skill levels can use the pen and personalize it to their liking. This device has a tilt response and lag-free tracking screen with up to 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity. To improve workflow, it offers two express Keys that may be customized to include shortcuts or other functionality such as brightness adjustments.

What We Like:

  • A large, feature-packed device with no restrictions.
  • A decision made by experts.

What We Don’t Like:

  • This is out of reach for teachers who aren’t immersed in digital art for the most part.
  • The quality control isn’t very excellent


As an indispensable accessory for any professional educator, choosing the right pen tablet is of utmost importance.

And it takes more than just physical sizes to get the best out of a lot of pen tablets out there.

Factors such as resolution, pressure sensitivity, and connectivity matter. And with them in mind, we collated this list of the best pen tablets for teaching.

With the best pen tablet for Mac and Windows, you can communicate with the students in the classroom virtually seamlessly. Read our reviews of the Best iPad Charging Stations In The Classroom.

Do you have questions on the Reviews of the best Pen tablet For online tutoring or suggestions? Let us know through the comment box.

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