Top 9+ Best Online Colleges That Pay You To Attend

The benefits of earning a degree, whether online or at a traditional university, are well known. This is because it creates new prospects for employment across the globe. Everyone should therefore enroll in a higher education program.

Quality education is known to be expensive, though, given the current economic climate. starting with tuition fees and moving on to fundamental costs like board fees, transportation, and a variety of others. For online students, the situation is almost the same.

However, several online universities offer student financial aid programs to help students with their tuition costs. You won’t have to be concerned about accruing debt even after graduation.

Top 9+ Best Online Colleges That Pay You To Attend

Here are lists of some of the best online colleges that’ll pay you to attend. These schools offer refunds and financial aid.

1. EdX Website

About 2,270 online courses in 30 different topic areas are offered by Edx. They offer courses from prestigious universities all over the world, including Harvard, the Rochester Institute of Technology, and many others.

Courses can be chosen based on level (beginning, intermediate, advanced), subject, or one of 16 languages. Some courses need payment. Paid courses might cost anywhere from $49 to $600.

Additionally, EdX provides Xseries, MicroMasters, and professional certificate programs. But compared to traditional education, each paid program offered by EdX is less expensive.

2. Columbia University 

Columbia University is located in New York City, New York, United States. Students have access to a variety of professional development opportunities as well as technical, social work, environmental sustainability, and leadership programs.

Through Columbia online, the university is committed to providing instruction and resources to students wherever they may be. Online education at American institutions is in greater demand every day.

To offer free online courses, the institution has partnered with Coursera. Better more, they offer financial aid in the shape of scholarships, various AmeriCorps awards, and other forms as well.

3. Athabasca University

One of Alberta’s top four research universities, Athabasca University (AU) is a Canadian online distance learning institution.

It was established in 1970 and was the first university in Canada to focus on distant learning. A pioneer in online and remote education is Athabasca University, often known as Canada’s Open University.

With more than 70 online undergraduate and graduate degrees, diplomas, and certificate programs, as well as more than 850 courses, the institution provides learning options tailored to your goals.

Students enrolled in their programs have access to scholarships, bursaries, and a variety of applications, nominations, and student prizes. Although annual costs vary widely depending on the degree, international students should plan to attend the classes online.

4. Berea College

Located in the US city of Berea, Kentucky. The Berea College is a free Christian university that provides students with curricula that are defined by honesty, equality, and peace.

In actuality, Berea College takes pride in being among the top American universities that offer free tuition. Through Berea’s extensive educational program, you can also obtain a free bachelor’s degree online in your chosen area. Studies in African American studies, agriculture and nature, biology, business, sociology, and religion are among the disciplines offered there.

A $100,000 grant is provided to students. The purpose of the college’s founding was to present the teachings and principles of Jesus Christ. Berea college devotes itself to students with limited resources. 

5. Ashford University

There are associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees available from this online university. Ashford University’s objective is to offer top-notch, easily accessible, reasonably priced, and innovative educational programs that satisfy the various needs of those aspiring to rise to higher positions in their communities, professions, and personal lives.

At Ashford University, higher education and technology coexist. University students can effectively complete their degrees online, access material, and communicate with classmates from any location as long as they have a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. 

They provide their students with financial aid, grants, and loans in addition to a fantastic online learning environment.

6. Barclay College

Barclay College is located in Haviland, Kansas. In 1917, it was founded as a bible school. However, it does accept pupils from all evangelical traditions.

The school’s mission is to equip students for Christian leadership and service. The undergraduate degree programs include bachelor’s degrees in worship arts, pastoral ministry, and youth ministry. Additionally, students have access to many significant master’s degree programs.

All domestic students who enroll in Barclay receive a $15,000 grant, which covers their tuition. Supporters of the school made the scholarship possible. They promote the idea that Christian students ought to have access to quality education without having to take on debt.

7. Lewis University

More than 7,000 mainstream students and adults are served by Lewis University, a Catholic institution founded in 1932. They provide students with degree programs that are useful and practical for their careers. Lewis offers a variety of campus settings, online degree options, and floor plans.

To a growing student population, they all offer comfort and accessibility. Lewis University assigns each online student a coordinator who provides guidance. One of the online colleges that pays you to attend is this one.

Those who meet the requirements are urged to submit a FAFSA application. Furthermore, 97 percent of Lewis students get financial aid in some way.

8. University of the People

The University of the People is an institution that only operates online. Its corporate offices are in Pasadena, California. One of the online colleges that pay students for attending is this one. It takes pride in being the only nonprofit, accredited online college in the United States.

This free online university has enrolled more than 9,000 students from more than 194 nations since it was founded in 2009. Although there is no tuition at the University of the People, there are application fees that must be paid.

9. The University of Cambridge

Through iTunes, the University of Cambridge offers free online courses. It’s in Cambridge, England, which is part of the United Kingdom. Apple offers free course materials that are available for download from several colleges worldwide. This gives you the freedom to learn whatever you choose, whenever it’s convenient for you.

Over 300 audio and video recordings are now available for free software download, something Cambridge University is proud of. This program is accessible from computers running Mac or Windows, as well as from Apple and Android mobile devices.

10. Curtis Institute of Music

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania serves as the home of this music school. The Curtis Institute of Music is a highly selective college that provides both undergraduate and graduate students with free tuition. Since only 4% of applicants are accepted each year, the student body is extremely tiny, numbering about 175 students. This allows Curtis students to receive a tailored, in-depth musical education that emphasizes real-world application.

Characterized by more than 200 projects involving orchestral ensembles, opera, chamber music, and other genres, all under the direction of renowned singers and trainers. Undergraduate students receive $42,320 in free tuition each year, while graduate students receive $52,548. 

However, the cost of textbooks is borne equally by all students. Through merit-based scholarships and financial help, Curtis Academy of Music has managed to keep tuition free.

The Bachelor of Music and Master of Opera Music are two free online degrees. Additionally, there is an opera degree program and a certificate of professional studies. Keep in mind that these programs are competitive from the time you apply for admission until the end of them. Without a doubt, students must excel to receive free classes.

11. Southern New Hampshire University

A private university located in New Hampshire’s Manchester and Hooksett is known as Southern New Hampshire University.

It is one of the US’s most cutting-edge colleges in part because of SHNU’s online offerings. The school has a fantastic online program that is perfect for your business job. These programs offer financial aid to students to prevent them from accruing debts that are past due.

Why Should You Choose a College That Pays You?

Education is a necessary and crucial factor for career setting and professional advancement. Our educational major affects our future and career. But with growing college and tuition rates, it’s getting harder to pay for this education. Consequently, financial support is required.

It is important to go to colleges that will provide financial aid for your studies, it not only eases the burden off of you, but it also makes you function better with your studies. 


Online universities don’t pay you to enroll, instead, they provide education at no cost to you, along with other financial aid choices including scholarships, grants, and grants. Since you may study at home in the comfort of your own house without paying a dollar, you should see this as a win-win situation.

With the colleges listed above, you should be able to decide on a college that suits your financial budget and needs.

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