List of 8 Best Homeschooling Programs in NY for Kids and All Age

Are you a resident of New York City and you are planning of starting a home school program for your kids? Are you just moving or planning to move to New York with your family and you are planning to enroll your kids in a home school?

Are you worried because you are not sure which one will be the best for your child? Worry not; this article is dedicated to providing a list of homeschooling programs available in New York that your children can be enrolled in.

List of 8 Best Homeschooling Programs in NY for Kids and all age groups

Here we will be looking into different types of homeschooling programs in New York City, their specification, benefits, the age group they accept, and what makes them special, and towards the end, we will be ending it with a conclusion

Let’s Get Started!

1. New York Love Education At Home (LEAH)

LEAH is special even among the homeschooling program because it is a religious-based home school and it is for Christians. It is a Christian Organisation; the members are like-minded and the home school is to support families.

So if you are a Pastor that just moved to New York City and you want your child to further grow in the Lord and also for him to be taught by Christians in a homeschooling program you don’t have to look too far LOVE EDUCATION AT HOME (LEAH) is the answer. It is not just restricted to Pastors only but also Christian brothers and sisters, as long as you are a Christian LEAH welcomes you.

It is dedicated to observing the biblical command of Deuteronomy 6v4-10. They do not just teach, they also organize programs and online lectures for their students, an example of such a program is the Christmas time of the Ark Encounter at the Creation Museum.

They also teach students to perform excellently in their tests; it must be known that in New York City starting from the fourth-grade homeschoolers are required to take a national-approved achievement test every year.

In the 9th grade, homeschoolers will begin to take achievement tests annually. These approved tests include the Lowa Basic Skills Test, The California Achievement Test, the Pass Test, the Comprehension test for basic skills.

So if you are a parent who is not a Christian or a Christian who is not interested in bringing his child to a Christian school then LEAH will not be the right choice. Fret not, because it is not the only home school program in New York

2. 5BoroHSchooling

This home school is based on the five Boroughs of New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island). They accept all grades of students that are from the 4th grade to the 12th grade. So any parent that has a child of the age stated above can contact the home school.

What makes this home school special is that it doesn’t just take part in general educational ventures, it also includes random ventures. So if you are looking for a home school that is not just about general educational activities then 5BoroHSchooling is the right one. They also go on field trips and organize programs that further benefit their students.

3. Association of Home Educators Advancing Dreams (AHEAD

The AHEAD homeschooling program is a teen-based group that provides homeschooling services for teenagers. So if you are a parent with a teen child or children, the AHEAD NY is the right choice. It is a support group that caters to the needs and problems of homeschooling teens. You have to agree with me that the teenage stage is a formative stage that needs lots of expertise and intelligence to ensure that your child is not led astray.

The Association of Home Education Advancing Dream (AHEAD) shares curriculum, ideas, news, and test preps/career plans and among other things among the students. They also help prepare for the achievement test which is an annual test. These approved tests include the Lowa Basic Skills Test, The California Achievement Test, the Pass Test, the Comprehension test for basic skills.

It provides homeschooling services throughout the five boroughs and long island (we have Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island, and long island.) what is so exciting about this homeschooling is that it does not just but also provide educational activities but also social events for teens. A good example is the Weekly clubhouse gets-together, trips for students and parents.

4. New York City Home Education Alliance (NYCHEA)

NYCHEA is another homeschooling program great for your children. It has the largest homeschooling group in the city with over 400 families and still counting. It cut across all age groups from the elementary stage (0-5) to the middle school (6-8), high school (9-12), and also teens. This is good news to every parent with more than one child because you can put them all in the same home school program.

As a result of the vast number of people in this program, the program helps students to pursue their goals because of a certain web of the network they possess which other home schools might not have because of the population they possess. One major advantage that can be learned from them, is the consistency of their work, it must the said that as one of the largest home schools in New York City you need a whole lot of work and consistency to maintain their standing.

They also go on field trips. The field trip is a very important part of a home school, virtually all home schools whether online or physically go on field trips. A common saying goes thus “seeing believes”, so through the use of field trips, instructors are able to bring to the students what has been taught to them at the home schools.

They also created email discussion groups for the student and also the parents; so that they can learn and be aware of what their children are learning. Every day, members post information o new things that students and even parents might not know.

5. R.E.A.M. Home Educational Community

This is another type of home school, however, it is special from the others because it is a secular home school, which also means it is not open to the public. It is different from NEW YORK CITY HOME EDUCATION ALLIANCE (NYCHEA) which is open to all students; it is a diverse home school that provides support and also looks out for homeschoolers of various ethnicities across the city of New York.

It also provides support and resource for not just the ethnic groups but also people with religious backgrounds throughout NASSAU, QUEENS, and SUFFOL OF NEW YORK.

Like every other home school, they do go on a trip to further expose the students to the world before them and not just that they go on the afterschool session. They empower each child with a love for learning new things. Not just this alone they also strive to help families, communities dedicated to fostering the development of individuals with the love to learn through a commitment to nature-based learning and Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM).

The home school helps each child to explore their interest through collaborative communication and problem solving and experimentation mindset. As the name implies it helps the child to bring his dream or imagination into reality, it helps children be more creative.

6. TIME4 Learning Home School

This is another type of home school. Unlike the secular home school, this is open to all students. It cuts across all age groups, from the elementary stage (Prek-5), middle school (6-8), and high school (9-12).

They are not just about teaching, they also have an online course, which can be taken by students of all age groups. They also have Interactive video, personal computers, laptops, and tablet devices which can be engaging, exciting, and drive to be better for the students.

If you are a parent who is thinking of taking a home school in New York, time4 learning is an excellent choice. If you are thinking of a home school that can use both physical and online classes, teime4learning is an excellent choice. Like most home schools they also engage their students through the use of field trips and seminars to improve their learning capacity.

Because of the flexible schedule for homeschoolers have more opportunities than traditional schoolers to go out on field trips and also explore the city of New York. They also have workshop service opportunities to further help their students.

It also includes automated reporting which tracks tests and lesson scores, time spent on each activity, and also completed lesson summaries

7. Acelluse

ACELLUS ACADEMY is an online academy. It cuts across the k-12 from the elementary stage (Prek-5) to the middle school (6-8) and high school (9-12). It combines professionally filmed videos lesson with cutting-edge technology that identifies obstacles to learning for children and they proffer solutions to the challenges faced by students.

It is not just for teaching students, it also contains a writing tutor. So for parents that notice that their children have taken an interest in writing, Acellus academy is there for you. The writing tutor has been incorporated with the student assessment lesson and it provides practice and feedback to further enhance students writing skills.

If you have an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, Acellus is the place to go, it is recognized as a clear leader in STEAM courses in computer coding and robotics, and electronics.

8. Super Now

Super now is an online home school. It is specially made for the kids. It is a virtual after-school program that helps and provides ids with means that they for self-expression, creativity, and all-around development of their lives. Super now helps kids to solve problems and also to go on an adventure and interact with children of their age.

You are a parent and you realize that your child is having problems with communicating with people of his age group or he is too timid or is afraid of talking then super now is the place for him. There he will be tutored by a well-experienced teacher who has a good ability to help children overcome their fears.

It helps ids solve problems, mysteries, go on an adventure and interact with teachers who teach topics and also include Science, Technology, engineering and Math, theatre, movement, geography, art, and many more.

It also helps kids to play with other kids around the world, because it is an online home school it is not only limited to New York only but to other parts of the world. It helps kids play games, make a craft, engage in discussion with instructor-guided conversations with people of their age group where they get to talk about many things, it helps to build on their confidence if he has none before and it also builds the mood. With the support of good and encouraging instructors, the children will practice speaking in front of their age group.

Their functions are not just limited to this they also go on field trips lie every other home school. So if you have a child you want to groom to be a public speaker and are not going well, fret not, super now home school is a brilliant place to put your child. They also go on field trips.


In conclusion, indeed we mentioned that they are the best however they are just personal opinion of people but the fact remains every single one of this home school brings great benefits to the students.


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