List of Best Homeschooling Apps for Parents and Kids In 2022

Best Homeschooling Apps  – Teaching your children from home is quite a big task and it will require varying methods so as to achieve excellence in their academics. One of the biggest issues in your homeschooling journey will be how to find the right resources. The use of technology can be of great help, especially in applications.

These apps in your homeschooling arsenal can make it less tedious for you.  A homeschooling mom affirms that apps play a versatile role in homeschooling as they cover several aspects of learning.

There are apps for any learning stage, any interests or even budget.

The Best Homeschooling Apps for Parents, Kids, and Teachers

So, let’s get down to the very best of those apps and help ease your homeschooling journey.

1. Scholastic Book Wizard
Scholastic Book Wizard Free Download Educational App Store

This app helps you organize your book library. Let’s say you want to select some new books for your kids and you really cannot remember which ones you own at the moment, Scholastic Book app can help you out. It helps you keep a running track of titles. You can make an inventory of the tiles, how many copies of the book you have and there is also space for additional notes. You can even get recommendations on other books based on the ones you currently own.

Scholastic Book Wizard organizes titles based on interests or the type of book and it gives you access to over 50,000 children books.

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2. Homeschool Helper
HomeSchooler Helper Review Educational App Store

This is often called a teacher’s assistant. Homeschool Helper helps you to plan lessons, monitor your kids’ progress, manage your lists of books, plan field trips if needed and monitor tasks.

It helps you to track what a student is doing and you can also customize your curriculum and the grading system. You can also create a report card for your child so that they see when they are excelling. This app can help you do all of these and make it less tedious for your kids.

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3. Khan Academy
Khan Academy

This app is like having a complete classroom right at your fingertips. Another thing about Khan Academy is that It gives practice exercises, tutorial videos, and a learning dashboard that contributes not only to both easy and faster learning processes.

From ELA to math and then, social learning and how to express themselves. There are several songs, games and videos that help with learning in Khan Academy.

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4. Planboard
Planboard Free Lesson Planner for Teachers Apps on Google Play

This helps you to organize your lesson plan in an easy manner. With Planboard, you can organize lessons, subjects and the semesters into a very easy-to-use timetable. It helps you monitor your children’s progress and you can also view the lessons by day, week or monthly.

Mikayla, a mom of three in Brooklyn, says that Planboard has helped her organize her homeschooling practice and it helps her see which subjects she needs to go over. She has started out without ideas about homeschooling but the app was able to help her bridge the gap.

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5. Cozi Family Organizer
Cozi Family Organizer

Cozi helps you organize your calendar and it can help a whole family stay organized. It has several features ranging from events, shopping lists, recipes, to-do lists and it extends to a family journal. You can also share a couple of things across devices with your family members. Cozi can also help you monitor your kids’ learning activities.

Your kids can always check out their calendars from the app and see which tasks are there for them to carry out. It also helps you share the responsibilities around homeschooling to get the desired results.

Cozi also has a colour-coding system that helps you monitor classes and appointments. You can also set up several email addresses for reminders and readily see them at a glance. It starts with a free version and it comes with an option to expand for additional features.

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6. Explain Everything Whiteboard
Explain Everything Whiteboard

This helps you in proper explanation for your kids. It helps you provide the best and very fun contents and visuals that can help students to understand what is being talked about. Explain Everything Whiteboard also helps you meet with people without issues and then, you can share things with them.

It affords you all the features you need for a good teaching class. Teachers can present, explain some problem-solving skills, captivate and motivate their students. You can also share animated videos with students for convenience purposes. Students can also record, save and watch these videos later.

This app helps teachers to organize their time, classes, activities and tests.

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6. Clockify

Clockify gives you an overview of how your time is spent. It can be used to track how much time your kids spend on schoolwork, playtime and so on. You can put in the time for different tasks and monitor their transition over a timeframe.

This app shows you the exact time for each assessment and you can easily tell the areas where your kids are finding it difficult, or which areas are very easy for your kids to learn.

It can also help you in teaching. With Clockify, you can track your routine daily and see how much time you spend creating the curriculum. You can easily tell what tasks take the most of your time and look for a way to work around the task faster. – It is compatible with all major devices.

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7. LifeTopix

This is an app for parents who want to be in charge of everything, homeschooling inclusive. Lifetopix helps you keep track of everything.

It could help you organize your contact info, your to-do lists, financial management, nutrition, fitness and so on. Almost any responsibility you have can be covered by Lifetopix. It is able to sync with other devices and apps. It is available on Mac computers and iOS devices.

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8. Flexible Homeschool
Flexible Homeschool

Sometimes, you could get busy with a lot of life’s issues and it could get in the way of homeschooling. This can actually cause anxiety for parents as they start to fall behind with their kids’ schoolwork. Flexible Homeschool can actually help you save the day. It helps you work around your schedule whenever there is a situation that wants to cut short your child’s progress.

The highlight of this app is its flexible scheduling. It majors on daily and weekly accomplishments and on the work needed to be done per term rather than having a very tight schedule. It also allows you to pause your schedule whenever you get too busy and simply, put it back on once the time is more convenient.

It can help you monitor your kids’ progress with little or no stress and without having to bother about excessive work piles.

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9. Brili Routines
Brili Routines

This app helps ease the daily routine with your kids. Sometimes, getting your kids to learn their multiplication table is a tough task. When it takes longer than normal, it could be a lot of stress for you and the kids. Brili could help you set up a routine to work around tasks like that and even more.

With its routine and reward features, it gives your kids a more relaxed environment to complete tasks without you having to nag them about it. Rosario M., a mom of two in Plano TX affirms the fact that Brili not only helps with time management but its visual aids help to keep everyone on their tasks without issues.

There is a free plan on the app for the first month of use, after which you have to pay to keep on using it. Brili is actually your go-to for fun schedules.

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10. Duolingo

The gaming features in this app will help your kids relate to it well. Duolingo helps to make the difficult task of learning foreign languages an easy and fun activity.

Nelson says that the fun games on Duolingo easily motivate kids to work on being fluent in the language they are learning. It is available on Google Playstore and it works on any tech platform. It also starts off on a free note with an option to upgrade to the plus subscription.

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11. Bedtime Math
Bedtime Math

This is great for kids up to age 9. Bedtime Math is an engaging and fun app that helps motivate kids to practice early elementary math skills.

It has game-like features that make it entertaining for kids to easily want to practice. Another thing that will interest you about this homeschooling app is that it can be used in the Spanish language.

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12. Prodigy
prodigy game preview

Prodigy app can help your kids master their math skills. The app allows kids to gather rewards by answering math questions that will make them feel it is a video game they are playing.

It is for kids who are aged 9 years and above. The app is free and it works on iPhone and iPad. Deborah, a mom of two in Philadelphia says that her kids want to play prodigy all the time because of how fun it is.

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13. ABCmouse
credit abc mouse for schools

This app has over 7,000 engaging activities for young kids. Toni Ann, a mom of five in Paducah says that her son loves ABCmouse and that the app is amazing as it helps her son learn. It also keeps her son engaged without him knowing. It is available on iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

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14. Reading Eggs
Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs can help your kids develop a love for learning. It not only helps your child to read, but it also helps them to understand vocabulary. It also helps with fluency, phonics and more. Reading eggs is able to provide such a platform of easy learning with games, guides in reading, fun activities and over 2,000 digital storybooks.

Elena, a mom of one in Salt Lake, says that there has been an improvement in her child’s literacy skills since she started the Reading Eggs app. She also says her child comprehends things easily and she is now a grade level above her. It is available on Android and iOS and it is for kids aged 2 to 13 years.

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15. iTrace

This helps your kids learn how they can write block letters and numbers. They can learn how to handwrite while studying from home. Tonia, a mom of two in Livingston, says that her child who used to have difficulties with holding a pencil was able to master his motor skills with this app.

The app helps you track your kids’ progress as they learn both block and curved letters. The app also has a lefthanded mode if you have a child who prefers to write with their left hand.

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16. Homeschool PreK Learning 123
HomeSchooler Helper Review Educational App Store 1

This app will help your kids tell the time. It is to help with matching but it can also help your kids understand time, identify numbers and also, improve their motor and cognitive skills.

Belinda, a mom of three in Queens says her child feels like a superhero because she was able to understand how time works in a fun way easily through the use of the app. Her child had been having issues with understanding the time but the app helped her through.

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17. Timo Kids Routine Timer

This app helps your kids stick to their schedules. It has routines for different portions of the day that works with your time zone especially when you are not around. It has a lot of tasks that your kids can do during the day.

Each task has a timer that tells how long your kids are to spend on a task. After completing an assigned task, the child will be rewarded with a star for their efforts. They can use the star on the app to create their own avatar.

The sounds and visuals of the app help your kids have this sense of accomplishment after completing tasks.

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