Top 10 Best Girls Boarding School In South Africa

Learning can be so much fun when you enrol your child in a boarding school. At boarding schools, young children are camped, go through the normal learning routine, and return back to their hostel instead of going home. 

When your child is up to nine to eighteen years, such a child could be taken to a boarding school which will provide an academically friendly and distraction-free environment for your child’s academic, spiritual, and physical education. 

Some boarding schools are designed for both genders while some only house a specific gender. With the efficiency and growth of the South African educational system, there are numerous girls boarding schools that are affordable and offer quality education and outstanding accommodations for their students. 

10 Best Girls Boarding Schools In South Africa

Below, we will be checking out the ten most outstanding girls boarding schools in South Africa where you can enrol your female child. Read along. 

1. Pretoria High School For Girls

Founded in October 1902, Pretoria high school for girls is located at 949 park street, Arcadia, Pretoria, Gauteng. The school is one of the outstanding public schools in Pretoria and its academic excellence is well known. Apart from its excellent academic welfare, the school also provides a boarding facility in the form of two hostels which are the North lodge and School house. 

These students see each other as boarding sisters though they also compete fiercely in academics and other activities such as volleyball, netball, hockey, swimming, and on tracks. There are different activities that have been designed to make the girls feel at home and help create better learning environments. This includes the newspaper fashion shows, appreciation days, dance-offs, pool parties, and South African braais.

Each girl is allowed to decorate her sleeping area often referred to as Cubes as she likes. The students’ welfare is the primary assignment of the school as it makes sure they are well cared for. They are provided with well-made delicious foods and the kitchen apple cake and cream, and the pumpkin pie is described as legendary by old students and new. 

There are teachers who also reside on the school premises and act as hostel mistresses performing their duty for the whole week. The hostel mistresses act as guardians for the girls making sure there is an adult presence in all they do.  The students also have matrons who are in charge of the kitchens and a hostel secretary who’s in charge of hostel logistics. 

2. St Andrews School For Girls

St Andrew is an independent girls’ school located at Senderwood, Bedfordview, South Africa. The school is known for its dedication to the growth and development of its students to become accomplished and confident young women ready to lead in any part of the world. 

The school offers a demanding yet excellent education that is not limited to the classroom alone. The school also provides a top-class boarding facility which is comfortable and ideal for full-term, weekly and occasional boarders who are in grades eight to twelve. 

Their hostel is spacious and is designed to make the girls independent and grow their self-confidence while they get to acquire knowledge about respect in a collaborative, family-oriented living environment. 

The girls always have adults present to oversee their activities. They have access to house mistresses, matrons,  and four members of the academic staff to ensure the hostel runs smoothly. 

3. Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy For Girls

The Oprah Winfrey Leadership For Girls is a  boarding school for girls in Gauteng province, South Africa. The school was founded by Oprah Winfrey, an American who used to be the richest woman in the world. 

Oprah decided to establish the school to provide underprivileged female kids with the opportunity she never had while growing up.  The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy has been functioning since 2007, equipped with outstanding boarding facilities and qualified teachers and instructors who put in much effort to see the girls excel in academics and other activities. 

4. Durban Girls College

Durban girls college formally called Durban Young Ladies Collegiate Institution is an independent school located in Natal, South Africa. It is a Christian school that provides its students with globally relevant and balanced education and aims to produce significant women in all parts of society. 

The school assists and inspires young girls to realize their potential through an outstanding educational system equipped with tradition, diversity, innovation, and excellence. Durban girls college boarding facility popularly called college households the core values and tradition of the school. 

College house is a significant part of the life and history of Durban girls’ college students. The hostel is beautifully designed with gardens, and lounges and serves as comfortable accommodation for the students. 

The school’s sporting facilities are located near the college house which makes it easy for the students to take part in different sporting activities. The student’s health is also considered to be important which is why nursing sisters are always available to attend to any student with a health concern and if there is a major health issue, the doctors stay nearby and will be promptly notified.

5. Herschel Girls School

Herschel girls school is an independent Anglican school for female children that was founded in 1922. The school located in Cape Town, South Africa offers outstanding and world-class education from grade 00 to grade 12. When a student reaches grade 8, the weekly boarding option becomes available. 

The school is well known for its academic, music, and theatre art records. Its boarding facilities are excellent and students will be able to access all the school facilities when enrolled in the school boarding house. 

Students of Herschel girls school are able to unveil their potential by participating in numerous community engagements, drama, music, sport, and several clubs and societies. 

6. Roedean School

Roedean school is one of the outstanding girls boarding schools located in Parktown, Johannesburg, Gauteng South Africa. The school is equipped with numerous excellent facilities such as a spacious library, chapel, relaxation lounge, and mathematical centres. 

The school is also equipped with different sporting facilities such as a tennis court, water polo, hockey, squash, and diving.  Its boarding house popularly called the Mary Williams house is absolutely secure and comfortable. 

The boarding house is designed to accommodate up to 78 senior students from grade 8 to grade 12the students are arranged in spacious single and double rooms with the aim of establishing an intimate and friendly communal living environment. 

Mary Williams’s house also comes with two large, spacious open locations which serve as the common rooms.  Due to how challenging the experience of staying away from home can be, Mary William’s house has been designed to ensure the students feel cared for by providing them with a warm and happy environment.

7. Pietermaritzburg Girls High School 

Established in 1920, Pietermaritzburg girl’s high school is one of the top girls boarding schools in South Africa. Equipped with more than qualified and professional teachers, the school is also equipped with numerous facilities that enhance proper learning in culture, etiquette, sports, and academics. 

The school boarding establishment is spacious enough to accommodate 220 girls. The boarding house is under the supervision of the lady warden, house mothers, and border mistresses who also stay at the boarding establishment to cater to the needs of the students and supervise their activities. 

8. St. John Diocesan School For Girls

St. John diocesan school for girls is an independent middle-size Anglican school located in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. The school is equipped with boarding facilities where students get trained in Christian doctrine. 

The school believes that the girls will be able to reach their full potential when they’re happy, which is why it provides a boarding facility that is nurturing, supportive, and safe. The comfortable and homely boarding environment is available for students from grade 8 to grease 12 in a weekly or a termly boarding capacity. 

The girls get taken care of by the head of boarding, house mothers and several border mistresses all of whom stay and live with the girls at the boarding establishment.  The school also makes provision for two clinic sisters, a school counsellor, and a lady chaplain to attend to the girls when needed. 

9. St. Mary Diocesan School For Girls

St. Mary Diocesan School for Girls is located in Natal, South Africa. The school deployed modern and progressive learning combined with Christian values. The school’s aim is to make their students better during and after their stay in the institution. 

The school also helps their students with acquiring admission into their preferred university when they are done. They provide letters of recommendation for their outstanding students as well to ease their admission process. 

10. Victoria Girls High School

With its estimated student number of up to 425 girls, Victoria girls high school is an outstanding school located in Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa. The school is equipped with excellent facilities and is known for its investment in musical instruments which makes it an ideal school for a music lover. You will have access to instruments such as the violin, marimba, piano, brass, flute, recorder, and other instruments. 

The school also invests in sporting activities as there are provisions for students to take part in sports such as swimming, tennis, hockey, squash, and netball. 

What Age Do Girls Go To Boarding School?

The age at which girls go to boarding school varies from country to country. In the U.S., for example, most girls start boarding school between 10 and 12 years old; in the U.K., it’s a bit older—between 11 and 13 for most schools. Boys who attend boarding schools typically begin at age 8 or 9 and stay until they graduate from high school (or perhaps university).

Some schools have separate facilities for younger children, who live apart from the rest of their classmates but participate in some of the same activities as their older counterparts—this is called a preparatory school.

Can Boarding Schools Have Both Genders?

It’s true that most boarding schools are single-sex, but there are some co-ed boarders out there! In fact, many schools have both campus dorms and off-campus apartments for families with children of both genders.

It all depends on the type of school you’re looking at and whether it offers any residential options. If you’re in the market for a single-gender boarding school or dormitory, be sure to read our guide to choosing the right one.

Why Do Parents Send Their Child To Boarding School?

You could say that boarding schools are the best of both worlds: they offer your child an excellent education, a strong social life and a healthy work ethic.

Parents send their children to boarding school because they want them to get an excellent education, a strong social life and a healthy work ethic. In fact, many parents believe that this combination cannot be found in public schools.

Boarding schools provide a safe environment for students to grow and learn without the distractions or dangers of a big city high school. You can rest assured that your child will be surrounded by other children who are also doing their best to succeed in life. These students come from all over the world, and this diversity is what makes boarding schools so unique.

Is Boarding School Harmful?

It’s important to note that boarding schools are not harmful. In fact, they can be beneficial for students.

As you’ve probably seen in films and television shows, many boarding schools offer students a chance to develop their social skills and make friends in a supportive environment with other like-minded individuals. This type of setting can help students overcome shyness and develop confidence as they grow older.

Also, since students live on campus full-time instead of going home after school like day school students do, it’s easier for them to get involved with extracurricular activities and clubs. This can help them learn how to balance their academics with extracurricular pursuits (and vice versa). It may also help them become more independent as they deal with living far away from home while still getting good grades while having fun at parties or game nights with other kids who are there year-round as well.

Finally, many boarding schools have academic programs designed specifically for high achievers who want more than what their local public school offers but aren’t looking at Ivy League colleges right now either because they’re too expensive or just don’t feel like applying yet (or ever).

Do Boarding Schools Allow Phones?

You might be surprised to learn that some boarding schools allow students to have their own phones. It’s true! Some may even give you a phone that works on the school’s network, but it is up to each school how they want you to use your phone.

Some schools have no phones at all, but many others will put restrictions on when and where you can use them. Check with your prospective boarding school for details about their rules around using cell phones on campus.

Can You Send a 7-Year-Old To Boarding School?

You can send a 7-year-old to boarding school if you are the only parent in the household and your partner is not working. You can also send her if you have family living in another country.

If you want to send your child but don’t know where to start, we recommend checking out some of our other articles on sending kids away for higher education.

Do Teachers Sleep At Boarding Schools?

You’re probably wondering if teachers sleep at boarding schools. The answer is yes, but with a few restrictions.

  • Teachers are not allowed to sleep with students.
  • Teachers sleep in the same rooms as students, but they must be on opposite sides of the room or else they will have to share a bed.
  • Teachers are not allowed to sleep in the same bed as students.

If you’re interested in attending a boarding school, there are quite a few options out there. It may be helpful to visit one firsthand before making any decisions.



Staying away from home can be challenging for both parents and their wards. However, you will be less stressed and worried when you know your child is in a friendly environment and is well taken care of.

There are several girls boarding schools in South Africa and we have produced a list of the best among them where your child can be happy and reach her full potential fitting into any department in the community. 

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