9+ Best Gifts for Homeschooling Moms and Kids They’ll Love

Tired of buying the same tired gifts for your homeschooling mom friends and kids? Is it really that difficult to find the perfect gift for them?

The truth is, it’s not. There are many cool gifts out there that can be perfect for any homeschooling mom or kid.

From educational toys and games to new ways to exercise and study, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite home-friendly gifts for all ages and interests.

List of 9+ Best Gifts for Homeschooling Moms  and Kids That They’ll Love

Homeschooling moms have different ideas of what they need, and children have their own opinions on what they want.

Whether you’re buying a gift for a homeschooling mom or a homeschooled child, there are a few things to keep in mind that will make your shopping experience much easier. That way, you’ll be able to give the best gifts to homeschooling moms and kids this holiday season.

Let’s Get Started!

1. Snaen Toys for Age 3 4 5 6 7-Year-Old Boys
Snaen Toys for Age 3 4 5 6 7 Year Old Boys

Snaen Toys for Age 3 4 5 6 7-Year-Old Boys

Safe and fun for children. The toys are made of non-toxic materials, which will not cause any harm to the kids.

One of the 10 best homeschool toys for kids of ages is the Snaen toys for children of ages 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.  If you are a homeschool in need of quality toys for your students then this is a great choice.

Why? Because it does not just fulfil the functions that all toys do it also helps students to learn as a result of the toys, in other words, it performs a multipurpose function of fun and learning.

The magnetic variable robot is a must-play toy that can be played by any player, that is your student and kids when at home can play with the toy together. Its functions are not limited to this, it also provides for the assembling of the toys and also the joining of toys together as a constructive vehicle.

One major advantage of this toy is that it allows for the imagination of the children. The children will be immersed in the art of taking the robot apart and rebuilding the robot with their perception of how the robot should be according to their designs.

 2. Wood Blocks Gift for Homeschooler
Wood Blocks Gift for Homeschooler

Wood Blocks Gift for Homeschooler 

Wood blocks are the perfect gift idea for a homeschooler. They can be used to make a little fort and other fun ways

This is an amazing toy which must be experienced by all kids, it does not just fulfil the role of fun for children it also helps them to learn. It is a fun-filled and creative way for your children to create interest in shapes and symmetric with 155 blocks of a wooden pattern.

The blocks do not just do this they are filled with patterns to support other patterns different from the original one present, this means that your children can try out different shapes and figures as they please.

This works on cards perfectly and the learning advantage cards have simple and nice designs easy for the kids to help the student to continue to learn. This is a must-buy for teachers of homeschool this will not only help the students learn to build blocks but also build their creative capacity.

3. Delta Children Kids Easel and Play Station Ideal for Craft & Arts
Delta Children Kids Easel and Play Station Ideal for Craft Arts

Delta Children Kids Easel and Play Station Ideal for Craft 

It is the ideal addition to your little artist’s room. It provides the perfect combination of activity and storage space.

Does your homeschool need new toys for the New Year that will not just create a fun-filled environment but also help them to learn? Then you should conceder the delta children kids’ easel and play station ideal for arts and crafts, drawing homeschool, and more Disney Minnie Mouse.

It is highly recommended for ages 3 plus, 3 in 1design features for the toy design; it also has toy storage and an adjusted easel that retracts to reveal a spacious desktop.

It includes a magnetic erase board, stool, and large removable toy bins. You can check these toys out and it will certainly not disappoint you.

4. Rainbow Counting Bears With Matching Sorted Cups
Memory Game
Rainbow Counting Bears With Matching Sorted Cups

Rainbow Counting Bears With Matching Sorted Cups 

This educational toy encourages children to count, sort and stack the bears while parents can feel great about the development this toy provides.

Another major good homeschool toy for the New Year that will not only be fun-filled but will also help and support learning for the kids. It helps nurture the cognitive skill from babyhood to childhood.  This will create a kind of observation ability in the children because the sorting and visual perceptions help the children to build their observation and analytical ability.

It also helps in the development of fine motor skills, it encourages kids to use sorting skills and it helps them develop their pincer ability. The counting bears are early learning resources for kids, it also helps kids with activities like sorting, counting, and colour combination to help create curiosity in the children which helps to continue to improve.

It is a perfect toy to teach colours and it helps the kids to recognize the colours and what they dignify, and the sorting will help the kids as a memory game.

It also teaches the children basic math through counting and sorting, these counting bears are perfect examples to help the kids in math concepts like addition, subtraction, and even multiplication with the use of the bears. It is a great toy that is and will continue to be a great help for the children in the homeschool.

The bears are such great fun for the kids; the toy creates the love in the kids to like counting, sorting matching, and many other things.

5. Mindfulness Games for Kids, Parents Chil Bonding Time
Ideal for all Ages
Mindfulness Games for Kids Parents Chil Bonding Time

Mindfulness Games for Kids, Parents Chil Bonding Time 

These games focus on mindfulness. The goal is to create a fun, engaging and effective way of teaching kids how to be mindful.

This is a great homeschool toy for kids of all ages and even teenagers and parents are not left out. It brings the parent and child closer and in a homeschool, it brings the teacher and student much closer than they were before. If you are a parent looking to have more bonding time with your family then this toy is the right choice.

It has 150 cards with 3 games in 1 box, even though it is just one box it contains 3 games in it. You can spend quality time with your children exploring the concept of mindfulness through a series of experiments which contains yoga, meditation exercises; many competitions learn fun facts and many more.

The toy helps improve the concentration and memory of students. The toys are versatile are used by homeschool teachers and counsellors and it is also suitable for children of all ages.

The game also has a personal question part where you answer questions and where your knowledge is put to test and well you know each other. We also have games that help parents and teachers connect with the kids’ students respectively.

It also helps to understand emotional and social skills, especially between parents and teachers with their child and students respectively.

6. Key Education Sentence Building for Kids Sight Builder
Language Writing
Key Education Sentence Building for Kids Sight Builder

Key Education Sentence Building for Kids Sight Builder 

It is exciting and will help kids improve their reading skills. This program combines sight word learning with reading fun.

It is a multipurpose learning tool that helps students sentence practice proper with familiar words and picture cards with keys educational sentence building set.

You have to agree that sentence structure, capitalization, punctuations are difficult for kids and they need proper coaching for them to be able t use and apply them in a sentence.  So sets help the students and engagingly teach the students. The toy includes the learning tool features 55(2.2-inch x 2.2 inches).

The word card colours are also coded by the part of speech game and activities ideas, 4 punctuation cards, and 27 photo cards. This will be great for any homeschool because the art of sentence formation and structure Is the basis of any English language writing.  If you have not bought it, any homeschool needs to have them.

7. Fibevon Target for Nerf Guns and Auto-Scoring
Easy Assembling
Fibevon Target for Nerf Guns and Auto Scoring

Fibevon Target for Nerf Guns and Auto-Scoring

Fibevon Target is a revolutionary gift idea that helps one get the most out of Nerf guns. It provides fun like no other.

This is a great toy for homeschool, the new design target has 4 targets. The shooting target is easy to assemble and they are made for children so it is easy for children to operate.

When all 4 targets fall, the target will emit a sound that will encourage and excite the kids and the target will automatically reset by itself.

Some may wonder what is the benefit of the toys? The toy helps the student to focus and to be able to concentrate on a particular target. It must be known that before you can hit the target you need to concentrate, so the toy helps the homeschool student to concentrate.

8. Carson Dellosa Bingo Games
Toy for Kids
Carson Dellosa Bingo Games

Carson Dellosa Bingo Games 

Bingo games help children review important skills while having fun. The Bingo Game is perfect for reinforcing spelling, language, and science concepts.

Another important toy and one of the best homeschool toys for kids. The Carson Dellosa Bingo Games was made by Carson Dellosa and it was made to help students and teach them some simple math work. The games turn math reviews into fun educational games.

The game can allow about 3-36 players. The addition and subtraction bingo games help to build students’ math fluency and also help students gain complete confidence in their skills. The students will solve the simple addition and subtraction problems to fill in their game board.

The toy is great for the home and also in a homeschool it helps and lightens the burden on teachers in teaching addition and subtraction to the students.

9. Game Note Sight Word Flashcards with Picture
Fast Learning
Game Note Sight Word Flashcards with Picture

Game Note Sight Word Flashcards with Picture

Perfect for use in a small group or for one-on-one tutoring. These colourful flashcards feature some of the most commonly used words in the English language.

This is another great toy for homeschool students. It includes 6 teaching accessories and 3 fun games to help your children and students get started.  The Card has a simple sentence and a picture to the back which provides for children that learn better through reading and those who learn better through visual representation.

All kids are not equal some learn moat efficiently when they read the text while some read efficiently when they have a visual representation. It contains 5 levels with 5 different colours.

Suitable for preschool, kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, and also the 3rd grade. The importance of the toy cannot be over-emphasized; your homeschool needs to buy them.

10. Testing.com Gifted Learning Flashcards
Testing.com Gifted Learning Flashcards

Testing.com Gifted Learning Flashcards 

An ideal gift for kids. This is a fun and easy way to reinforce what kids are learning in the classroom.

This is another great toy for homeschooling. If you do not have one, check out the write up to know more about it and you will certainly not regret it the toys help the kids to build familiarity with subjects that he needs to know early in life.

These also include topics within math, the human body, measuring, safety, music, arts, earth science, biology, ecology, and many others. These help them a lot and it also creates interest and curiosity about the world around them.


In conclusion, these toys have been complied to help your kids is not just to prepare for their future but also the present to give them a good foundation to graduate as an outstanding individual.

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