List of Best Christian Homeschooling Books On The Market In 2022

Homeschooling is one of the fastest-growing educational choices in America. Whether you’re new to homeschooling or you want to refresh your teaching methods, there are plenty of great Christian homeschooling books out there for you.

These books will help you address both your child’s academic needs and spiritual needs. But not only that – they’ll also help you navigate through the process of homeschooling.

So if you’re looking for something new this year (or even if you’ve been doing it all along,) check these best Christian homeschooling books out!

List of Best Christian Homeschooling Books On The Market In 2022

Homeschooling is one of the most popular educational alternatives in America. It’s an excellent choice for any family, regardless of their faith. This article will explore some of the best Christian homeschooling books on the market today.

From curriculums to electives, here are some options to help you make the right decisions for your family.

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1. The Jesus Storybook Bible and Every Story Whispers His Name

The Jesus Storybook Bible and Every Story Whispers His Name

Important stories from the Creation to the Resurrection are told with colourful illustrations and simple words for even the littlest child to understand.

Are you thinking about buying a Christian book for your kids for their homeschool? Are you a teacher thinking of buying a book for your student before 2022? The Jesus storybook bible – every story whispers his name is a great choice and it is available on the market now and in 2022 It contains 21 stories from the Old Testament and also 23 stories from the New Testament, so do not worry it is a very great book for your students.

Having sold more than 3 million copies, it continues to be a relevant Christian book for students under the 7th grade, so if you are a homeschool teacher with students up to the 6th grade then this boo will be a great addition to your curriculum.

A major advantage of this book is that it brings the scripture to the students with life experience, breaking it down and making it relatable, and also sharing how Jesus is the centre of it all. It presents the best-loved stories of the bible is easy to understand words for the students.

It also helps the student to gather a better understanding of the word of God, which they might not be able to do with a bible. It is perfect for any kid up to 6 grade and can be used by church ministries to teach their younger kids.

2. Indescribable: 100 Devotion for Kids About Science and God

Indescribable: 100 Devotion for Kids About Science and God 

The 100 Devotions for Kids About Science and God is a fun, engaging book that helps kids understand how science and faith can coexist.

Another great Christian homeschool book available on market in 2022 is Indescribable: 100 devotion for kids about god and science. It was written by Louie Giglio and illustrated by Nicola Anderson. This is a great Christian book for Christian homeschool, from the title we can directly tell what the book is about. It describes the unfathomable God how he orchestrated time, created light, and speaks things into existence from the largest star to the smallest starfish.

God was described as the all-powerful, all-knowing, purposeful, personal unparallel creation that created the universe. The book was written by the author to describe how great our God is, the ruler of heaven and the earth.

This will be a superb addition to the collection of boos already present in the homeschool and it is still available on market even till 2022. This book is a must-buy for your Christian homeschool if it has not been bought.

3. The Beginners Bible and Timeless Children Stories

The Beginners Bible and Timeless Children Stories 

The Beginners Bible and Timeless Children Stories is a wonderful book that provides a great way to teach your children about the greatest stories in history.

Another great Christian Homeschool book for the year 2022. The beginners’ bible: timeless children’s stories are a great book for children it is highly recommended if you have not bought it or if your homeschool does not have one. As the book is titled “the beginner” it sets the foundation for kids to start the learning process. The beginner bible is where a child’s journey toward the love of god starts. It includes more than 90 memorable bible stories and parables that will help your kids to understand the bible.

It must be said that children enjoy reading stories and parable the most and I vividly remember as a kid people reading bible stories to me with illustrations that makes me further enjoy the story. For example, kids enjoy reading the story of Noah’s Ark, especially how he helped the animals into the ark. The illustration makes it even more enjoyable and relatable. Not just this we also have the story of Jonah in the belly of the Fish praying to God to deliver him, we have this and many more.

There are millions of homeschools and parents who are using this book and it has been a wonderful experience for them because the kids understand the book very well. What makes it even a must-buy is that it is constantly been redesigned with fresh and new art for a new generation of the reader so you don’t have to worry about it being redundant.

4. 365 Bible and Prayers Padded Treasury

365 Bible and Prayers Padded Treasury 

365 Bible and Prayers is the perfect daily companion. This book was published with the highest standard of quality, attention to detail and readability.

Another great Christian homeschool book on the market for the year 2022 is the 365 bibles and prayer padded treasury. It includes 200 stories from the bible retold in simple and easily discernable language which helps kids and toddlers to understand the texts better.

The book brings to the reader’s inspiration and a bright illustration with a selection of traditional and original prayers.

5. The Story of St.Nicolas, A Story of Christmas Giving

The Story of St.Nicolas, A Story of Christmas Giving 

This is a tale for all ages about the kind man who gave to those in need, and in the process became St.Nicolas the saint.

The story of St. Nicolas tells the story of a man who spent his life giving to the poor and helping those in need, he also helped the poor all over the world, giving gifts and presents on Christmas eve to remind people of the greatest gift of all, Jesus Christ

The story was written by Dandi Daley Mackail and the picture book was illustrated by New York Times best-selling illustrator Richard Cowdrey. Readers ages 4-8

The book by the author used St. Nicolas as a prime example of what a Christian should be doing. In the story, Nick hears somebody telling the story of the original St. Nicolas. The story is an inspiration for young readers, some might consider it as a Christmas present, however, I believe this book should not be just a Christmas book, it should be used every time.

The story illustrates what a Christian should be like; a Christian should help the poor and needy in his environment and should be a blessing to society. This will certainly be a great Christian book for the New Year. Make sure you get it the students will learn a lot from it.

Greater emphasis has to be paid to this story because many have forgotten what Christians bring to society; we preach joy, peach, giving, loving, and much other good virtue. This book brings into virtue the essence of Christianity which means Christ-like, and Jesus helped the needy when he was alive. The story of St Nicolas teaches the children the essence of giving

6. Please (Bearenstain Bears/Living Lights, The Berenstain Bears Patience: A Faith Story

Please (Bearenstain Bears/Living Lights, The Berenstain Bears Patience 

This story is a great book for introducing kids to the idea of having patience and how fun it can be.

Another great book for Christian high school in the market in 2022. This book helps the students to understand the virtue of trust and patience. You will have to agree with me that patience and trust are very important parts of Christianity to be a Christian you need to be patient and you need to trust God to go anywhere.

The book is a great help for teachers who find it difficult to teach concepts to lie virtue and patience because more times than not children do not understand things they cannot see. When I mean they cannot see, I mean that things that are cannot be easily understood. Stories can be told to explain what Daniel passed through in the lion’s den, stories can be told to describe the

7. Homeschool Bravely: Trust God, How to squash Doubt and Teach Your Childlren with Confidence.

Homeschool Bravely: Trust God, How to squash Doubt 

Everyone homeschooling should get this one. The Homeschool Bravely is a guide to help you find peace and confidence in your homeschool journey.

This is a great Christian homeschool book for both teachers and students. What makes this even more special is that it can be used by all age groups and by parents and teachers. This book was authored by Jamie Erikson. Everybody at one point or the other is in doubt about a decision whether it will impact their lives negatively or positively.

Quiet the voice of not good enough and every doubt that cloud your judgment. Many homeschool teachers and parents have a long history of self-doubt “did I make the right decision sending my child to a home school?” “Am I not robbing my child of normal life in a regular school? What if a regular school is better for him to grow to be a man?

Doubt is part of life, however, you can overcome them, not through a new curriculum or a brand new way of life but through a change in perspective that transforms the way we plan, teach, and homeschool.  Homeschool bravely teaches students, teachers, and parents to see homeschooling as a calling that helps to overthrow the supposed high ceiling of expectations of people and it also guides you through the trials and challenges that you will face on the road to success.

It also teaches teachers and parents of homeschoolers to juggle school and parenting with toddlers at home, to stay true to the course even when facing trial on the way.

What truly sets this book apart is that it is not only addressed to the students but also the teacher and the parents. It talks about a general concept that has troubled a lot of people whether it be teacher or parent and some ways to overcome them. This is a must-buy for every homeschool teacher, student, and parent because nobody is above self-doubt.

8. 77 Memory Verses That Every Kid Should Know

77 Memory Verses That Every Kid Should Know 

It is full of kid-friendly illustrations and is a fun way to get your child excited about memorizing the Scripture.

I remember as a kid trying to memories some memory verses doing some competitions in the church and it was not a good experience, I practically cried out of the stage. Memorizing memory verses has always been very difficult for kids especially the timid ones, you would often see one of those kids crying as they leave the stage.

77 memory verses every kid should know make it easier for kids to read and understand for the kids to memories the verse. The verse comes in a fun-filled and engaging format, that lets the kids be eager to learn more from the verses.

Repetition is a key ingredient in memorizing a memory verse, and the easy-to-use tool will help parents and Sunday school teachers sow the seed of scripture in the heart of the children creatively and colourfully. 77 memory verses every kid should know is a creative tool for teachers in the Sunday school or homeschool curriculum.

Many teachers are having a hard time teaching students how to memories memory verses and recite them, however, this book comes as a solution to the major problem facing teachers concerning this problem.

You could also use the colouring pages to help memorization through colour and you can display the work of art on your classroom, door, or on the refrigerator.

The book makes an excellent tool for a Sunday school teacher or mom with young children. If you have not bought one make use to buy one today, it is a great choice for any parent and teacher

9. A mercifully short book, The unhurried homeschooler: a simple on homeschooling

A mercifully short book, The unhurried homeschooler 

Written in an easy-going and friendly tone, this book is full of helpful ideas for anyone who is considering homeschooling.

Though homeschooling comes with many advantages, it also comes with some problems, many homeschool parents struggle with feelings of burnout and frustration. It does not just a part of the parents that feel this way; they just need to be reminded why they chose homeschooling in the first place.

The author Durenda Wilson spoke of her experience of homeschooling eight children. Durenda shares her experience as a mother of eight homeschooled children. As a person with the experience, she reminded parents about the things that matter, as she gives an example of what a life-giving home can be during homeschooling years.

This list has been compiled to help homeschool students, teachers and parents to purchase good books for their children and to also help the homeschool in producing outstanding students.

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