6 Best Alarm Clock for College Students and Heavy Sleepers

Waking up every morning many times as a college student can prove too hard to do especially if your mattress feels good. And if you are a heavy sleeper, then the day’s work may remain undone for the whole of the day.

This is more reason you need to find yourself these smart pieces in a bid to get things done on time.

Truly, modern smartphones do come with alarm features that can almost fit into the work of a conventional clock, still, the place of alarm clocks inefficiently waking you up every morning cannot be overemphasized.

However, there are basic models of clocks you can always get as they can easily get the job done efficiently all at an affordable cost.

Below are the six best alarm clocks for college students and heavy sleepers.

6 Best Alarm Clock for College Students and Heavy Sleepers

As a college student, the hustle and bustle of college life can drain you of your daily energy and by night leave you very tired and heavy to be unable to do anything when you return to your dorm. And if you are the heavy type, smartphones’ alarm features might not be too great in waking you up the next day.

Nevertheless, we’ve rounded up a list of efficient ones you can always go for. Below are some of the best alarm clocks available for college students and heavy sleepers.

1. Sonic Alert Alarm Clock

Sonic Alert Alarm Clock

It supports dual alarms, has a large snooze button, and comes with a backup battery in case of a power outage.

Battery-powered and weighing 1.57 lbs, this powerful gadget has made a name for itself in the past few years proving to be one of the most reliable alarm clocks you can go for in terms of optimum performance.

This super clock with a 113 decibel sound power is for sure able to wake you up even if you are heavy of a sleeper.

It is a super-easy alarm clock to operate with easy-to-use buttons fitted on the clock. Its easiness of operating comes from the simple and clearly labelled alarm settings that make it easy to turn and tune to the period you will be waiting for an alarm.

You can always set multiple alarms with different duration intervals of your choice on this one and this will give you a snooze feature from one to thirty minutes.

On this one also is the 12 or 24-hour time format and a dimmer to control the brightness of the alarm clock.

Highlighted Feature:

  • Easy to use
  • Battery-powered plus backup
  • A year warranty
  • Loud

2. Amazon Basics Digital Alarm

Amazon Basics Digital Alarm

Has a high pitched sound that is sure to wake up even the heaviest of sleepers. It provides you with a wide range of preset sounds 

Compared to the Sonic Bomb, this is more of a modernized digital alarm clock but with a sleeker screen surface and a smart and compact body size.

Its 0.7″ green LED display gives you a glance look at the alarm clock to tell the time allowing for individuals to get to know the time without having to reach out for their phones.

Its in-built nightlight can also illuminate a dark room plus the repeating snooze function that keeps on repeating at intervals elongating the alarm ring time. This can help you as a  college student wake up fast.

On the Amazon Basics is also an easy-to-read screen display, a compact design perfect for everyday use, a battery backup, and a low-intensity nightlight option.

It is fairly lightweight and can be powered by an alternating power supply.

Highlighted Features:

  • Lightweight
  • Batteries serve as backup power
  • Built-in nightlight
  • Incredible LED display

3. JALL Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock

JALL Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock

High-quality, loud alarm clock designed for heavy sleepers and college students. It gently vibrates your bed to wake you up.

Designed for kids, and majorly heavy sleepers, this digital alarm clock is constructed to simulate sunrise by shining directly into your eyes thereby, jerking you back to life.

It comes with seven different natural sounds that simulate the natural environment and this is all done gradually till it reaches its peak which is around 30 minutes. This is performed where the brightness starts coming up from 10 per cent till it reaches a hundred per cent.

However, if you feel 30 minutes is too much for you, you can always reduce the process of being woken up by nature.

The JALL alarm clock is a dual alarm clock with a supported nine minutes snooze feature. This is to help you get more time to wake up fully.

On this ergonomic alarm clock are also seven RGB lighting you can choose to display, an FM radio, seven-alarm sounds, and also a 3-level LED tome display brightness. More tuned features are designed for only you.

The JALL simulation is a complete replica of the natural environment only that you only hear it, and not see. The brightness is only what you see.

Highlighted Features:

  • Sunrise simulation replica
  • Dual alarm clock and snooze feature
  • Seven different light colours and alarm sounds
  • A radio and modifiable lighting feature

4. USCCE LED Digital Alarm Clock – 5 Alarm Sounds

USCCE LED Digital Alarm Clock – 5 Alarm Sounds

It is made with the latest sleep technology, with its ability to turn off unwanted noises and naturally wake you up with gradually increasing sounds. 

Compact, durable and customizable, you getting out of bed has never been easier with the help of the USCCE alarm clock.

It is a 7.7-ounce alarm clock that is small, stable, and features big white LED numbers that are easy to read during the day or at night. This is a needed feature if you tend to move about often.

The brightness also can easily be adjusted from zero per cent to a hundred per cent all depending on personal choice.

It is an easy-to-use digital alarm clock that features a simple snooze component with a click of the top button while also experiencing a zero stress level while setting your time for the alarm.

It possesses USB port charges that are compatible with your smartphone. That is, you can easily make use of it to recharge your mobile phone in cases of a power outage. – The USCCE also comes with an adjustable dimmer and five different alarm sounds which can be modified from thirty to ninety decibels.

Highlighted Features:

  • Small, compact, and sturdy
  • Easy to use
  • Battery backup
  • USB ports for charging of 5V electronics
  • 12 or 24 hour time display

5. ROCAM 7.5 inches LED Display Alarm Clock – Blue

ROCAM 7.5 inches LED Display Alarm Clock – Blue

This clock has a loud volume that reaches even the deepest sleepers. It also employs an adjustable backlight and comes with an extra bed shaker.

This one coming with a rectangular shape is an extra loud alarm buzzer with a strong bed shaker alarm clock.

This alarm clock can be used by everyone including both college students and heavy sleepers. This alarm clock features a 4-level adjustable volume of up to 110 decibels and a switch between three wake-up modes by pressing the BUZZ button.

The powerful bed shaker on this one is intended to allow you to gently wake up without disturbing your roomie thereby presenting a very quiet atmosphere with little or no disturbance.

It is also quite easy to use and serves as the perfect desk clock suitable for living, office, or bedside study. The ROCAM 7.5″ also features an easy-to-read LED display with a 5-level dimmer. –  You also have the 9 minutes of snooze to yourself on this one although the alarm will continue on its journey of constant blare for an hour. This will ensure you wake up at last.

Highlighted Features:

  • Super loud alarm buzzer and bed shaker
  • Readable LED display with a 5-level dimmer
  • Simple to use
  • 9 minutes snooze

6. USCCE Dual Alarm Clock (0 to100% Dimmer)

USCCE Dual Alarm Clock (0 to100% Dimmer)

This dual alarm clock has two alarms with a wide array of settings to fit any needs, whether you need a gentle wake-up or a strong one.

The USSCE’s first feature is its easy way of setting it up. You simply turn the two ears to set the time and whoosh! All set and done.

On this one also, you find a 3-level modifiable bed shaker which is just as perfect as it is for heavy sleepers and college students. Those with hearing loss can efficiently make use of this alarm clock as well.

You do not need to switch off the alarm if you feel the lighting on it is too much as the brightness on this one can be adjustable from 0 per cent to a hundred per cent. With this, you tune in to your perfect lightning setting.  –  USB ports on this one also allow recharging of other devices and since it’s AC powered, a backup battery will always be a necessity.

Factors To Consider When Buying an Alarm Clock

Alarm clocks are many times an annoyance for many people but a badass to keep up with time and get things done on time for some. Truth be told, without our alarm clocks most times, a large number of us would not get to our schools or place of work on time.

Even with an alarm clock, many people still have problems getting up early in the morning.

However, if peradventure you find yourself in the market to get a sleek clock for yourself, you should consider this before committing your resources to one.

I. Price Tag

Some price tags for some clocks are scary even if they fall into a range of what you would love best on your alarm clock. They might be too costly for you to procure and by so doing, you cut low the price of alarms you go for.

No worries, we’ve got you in here and we will help you narrow down a choice.

The price of alarms clocks does vary. Some can be a lot expensive and many times is so due to the sleek features they do come with.

Still, there are cheaper models you can always go for. When looking at the price range, the cost does not matter. That is, your main focus should be shifted from how expensive to how long it rings and how efficient it works.

The long-term value! Still, if you can afford expensive alarm clocks that may come your way, then you can surely go for them.

II. Alarm Tone

There are alarm clocks with an increasing loudness feature that will surely wake you up from your sleep.

These are alarm clocks you can always get as a student since they don’t suddenly jerk you back to life which many times ruins most mornings. The ring by increasing in tone.

However, if you are the type that doesn’t easily get awakened by a noisy environment or sound, then you need to opt for other subtle and sleek alarm features.

You can always consider alarm clocks with a sunrise simulation feature as they are designed to awaken you by emitting light into your eyes. Your only need is to place it in a way in which the light emitted will be directed straight into your eyes. – This is also another form with which you can get woken up if you don’t get to wake up easily.

III. Extra Features

Some other features you might get to consider include radio, USB ports, Bluetooth capabilities, backlighting, and time display.

There are also talking alarm clocks if this feature does interest you as well as alarm sound and tone options.

Yours can however be an analogue if you prefer such over digital and also a backup battery if you would buy a clock that operates using electricity.

The design and size are also major features to always look into. Still, it all depends on preference and what you like best.

One major feature is also a compact and stable alarm clock if you will be getting one as an efficient alarm clock should have a low centre for gravity and sufficient weight to counter the effect of your clumsy hand while you are half-awake.

IV. Simple

Accessing an alarm on or off settings shouldn’t be hard or require a tutorial to do such. The snooze, brightness, and alarm volume should all be constructed in such a way that allows fast handling and easy setting.


No matter the type of alarm clock you settle on, be reminded that it will always greet you first thing every day so do well to ensure you invest in sleek features that will serve you well.

We hope we’ve been able to meet up with some of your needs as regards finding a durable and efficient alarm clock that can easily jerk you back to life.

Above is also a list you can go to if you still don’t have a choice yet. You can kindly subscribe to our newsletter for more updates and info if you love our amazing content.

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