Top 15 Art & Drawing Classes, Lessons & Courses Online [2022]

by Doris Vanhouten

If you want to learn to draw and paint, self-teaching is a great route. It is a skill you can master at any age. There are so many online art and drawing classes that one can take from the comfort of one’s home to acquire the desired skill and knowledge and grow one’s ability as an artist by leaps and bounds.

There are courses for variety of different subject matters from basic beginner level classes in fundamentals of drawing to more specialized ones such as figure drawing, life drawing, illustration, digital art, sketching for fashion designing, cartoon drawing, oil painting, acrylic painting and much more. Taking a drawing class online is a very cost-effective way of becoming proficient in the chosen art field.

Top 15 Art & Drawing Classes, Lessons & Courses Online [2022]

We have compiled a list of the Best Online Drawing and Art Courses, Classes, Lessons, and Tutorials that are available for you. These are delivered by leading professionals and experts, and will greatly help to hone your skills.

Some of these are paid while some are free. You can pick the right art class based on your current skill level as there are courses for each skill level – beginner, intermediate and advanced.

1. The Ultimate Drawing Course – Beginner to Advanced (Udemy)

Online Courses on UdemyThis Udemy Drawing Course imparts learners with a deep understanding of the fundamentals of drawing from the ground up. It takes them from having little or no knowledge in drawing to being able to create advanced art that stands up as professional work. This is the best drawing course on Udemy with high ratings and around 384000 students already enrolled.

The course begins with the basics. The instructor Jaysen Batchelor (an expert illustrator and designer) takes students through everything they need to know to draw like an expert. First the students are taught the fundamentals of drawing (like the Line fundamentals, shape and form fundamentals, how to use value and contrast) and how to use them to create their own artwork. Next the course moves to how space and perspective in art works and how to maintain perspective from different angles. Students learn 1, 2, and 3 point perspective. Going forward, students learn how to create textures, drawing still life, human face and human form. There is also a bonus section that covers how to draw animated figures step-by-step.

Key Highlights

  • Develop a solid fundamental base and a well-rounded skill set as an artist
  • Learn to draw objects out of your head
  • Take learners through the process of drawing in many different styles
  • Learn how to use different shading techniques to add value to your drawing
  • Learn the anatomy of the human eye, and how to draw it correctly
  • Learn about perspective and composition, and how you can arrange people and objects in your drawings
  • Learn to draw human face from different angles
  • Includes extensive quizzes and exercise work sheets
  • Includes over 50 different projects that take learners from beginner to expert
  • Lifetime access to over 11 hours of video content with several articles and downloadable resources
  • Excellent fit for beginners who are just starting out
  • Full responsive support by the instructor throughout the course

Duration : 11 hours on-demand video
Rating : 4.5

2. Character Art School: Complete Character Drawing Course (Udemy)

Online Courses on UdemyCharacter Art School by Scott Harris is the best Character Drawing Course available online with over 212000 students already enrolled and more than 25000 five star reviews. It is the one course that anybody needs to learn all the core fundamentals and advanced techniques to drawing and sketching characters well. It teaches how to draw professional characters for books, games, films, animation, manga, comics and more.

The course is modular by design, easy to follow and well-paced. Structured as 10 in-depth modules and over 70 separate video lessons and drawing demos, it teaches everything from fundamental drawing techniques all the way to advance character design skills. There is an equal emphasis on theory and practice, each module includes practical assignments that reinforce the concepts learnt and helps to make rapid progress.

The course covers every core facet of drawing imaginative and appealing characters well. It builds the foundational knowledge you need to start drawing professionally whether you are starting to draw from scratch or you already have some drawing experience. This is why this character drawing class is a great fit for absolute beginners or even those who are at intermediate level and want to advance their character drawing ability to a professional level.

Key Highlights

  • Most comprehensive, in-depth and rewarding character drawing course out there
  • Learn to be fundamentally good at drawing characters, whether with Pencils and Paper or Digital Art tools
  • Learn how to Draw out of your head fast and also draw in 3D
  • Learn the proper process of drawing characters and refining them
  • Learn about character forms and proportions
  • Learn how to create gestures and expressions that bring characters to life
  • Covers in-depth concepts about how to draw lips, eyes, faces and more, faster than you ever have done before
  • Access to Character art school community to submit work and gain feedback

Duration : 26.5 hours on-demand video
Rating : 4.5

3. The Art & Science of Drawing / BASIC SKILLS (Udemy)

Online Courses on UdemyThis course is for absolute beginners who want to learn to draw and paint. It teaches the basics of drawing and gives a strong foundation to build upon. The course is designed to replicate the experience of private drawing lesson. It asks students to each day watch one video lesson that teaches an essential drawing skill and follow it up with recommended practice so they can try out the skill themselves.

The course starts off with very basics like how to hold a pencil and draw any shape imaginable. Then it introduces students to a drawing process that allows them to observe, analyse and draw any subject. There are hours of demonstrations that show how to apply the basic skills to a wide range of subjects. It also includes an introductory demonstration on figure drawing.

The instructor Brent Eviston was selected as one of the 3 best new Udemy instructors of 2017. His courses are amongst the highest rated ones. This Basic Skills drawing course is the first course in a series of courses that he has created to take learners from absolute basics to advanced skills like volumetric drawing and shading. The other courses in the Art & Science of Drawing series are as follows:

  • Dynamic Mark Making
  • Form & Space
  • Measuring & Proportion
  • Contours
  • Shading Fundamentals
  • Shading: Beyond the Basics

Key Highlights

  • Simple and easy to grasp drawing class for absolute beginners
  • Get the most powerful, time tested insights into the drawing process
  • Learn to draw any form by breaking it down into basic shapes before adding dark lines
  • Learn the tools and techniques that help to draw from observation and imagination
  • Understand how to use light lines and basic shapes to lay an accurate foundation for finished drawings
  • Access to community of artists where students can submit their work and get feedback from instructor and other students

Duration : 4.5 hours on-demand video
Rating : 4.6

4. Anatomy for Figure Drawing: Mastering the Human Figure (Udemy)

Online Courses on UdemyThis Figure Drawing course on Udemy takes students through a unique and easy-to-follow method for learning to draw the human figure. It is one of the best drawing courses to learn anatomy for the human figure. More than 54000 students have already taken this online course by Neil Fontaine, who is an art instructor, professional painter and a writer.

It is a very comprehensive and in-depth course with over 65 hours of video content. Students have rated the course highly and some said that this course has taught them more than 4 years of art school.

In the course students master both the male and female figures starting with proportions. They learn the skeleton, simplified mannequins, muscles and where they attach, muscle dynamics like how they change when flexing in different poses, difference between male and female figure, how to draw fat in the body, different body types, how to draw hands, feet, heads and faces, drawing people at different ages and then putting it all together with awesome poses.

This course can be taken by both beginner and experienced artists looking to master the human figure. It is an excellent fit for anyone pursuing a career in professional animation, like cartoonists, comic artists, concept artists, animators or storyboard artists.

Key Highlights

  • Learn how to draw professional figures to land your dream job
  • Be able to draw human figures from the imagination
  • Learn the muscles and where they attach
  • Learn specific parts of the body in motion, to better understand some more difficult muscles
  • Learn all about how to draw breasts and their mechanics, how they squish, attach, etc.
  • Learn to draw skin and fat, where fat builds up
  • Regular feedback to students from instructor on progress of their drawings

Duration : 65 hours on-demand video
Rating : 4.4

5. Character Illustration: Drawing Faces, Figures & Clothing (SkilShare)

Online Courses on SkillShareThis Drawing Course on Skillshare platform teaches how to design and draw cartoon characters. From sketching fluid poses to mastering facial expressions, it covers all aspects of character illustration. This is a 60-minute drawing class spread over 12 lessons and is taught by well-known illustrator and comic artist Gabriel Picolo with over 1.6 million followers on Instagram. Currently, over 60000 students have enrolled for this online illustration class.

Following topics are covered in this class –

  • Exploring movement and pose with figure drawing exercises
  • Drawing the four core expressions
  • Adding color with an eye for contrast and style
  • Creating a character that exudes personality
  • Adding clothing and color that works for your character

This is a good entry-level course for beginners as well as intermediate level illustrators, who can all benefit from Gabriel’s thoughtful, easy-to-follow and thorough techniques. Upon completing this illustration class, students are able to create their own characters, and are able to communicate story, emotion and movement with ease.

Key Highlights

  • Learn how to draw characters that are full of life and movement
  • Learn the tips and tricks helpful to create dynamic and exciting character illustrations
  • Learn to draw female vs. male faces
  • Learn the four key expressions and how to draw characters with realistic and detailed facial expressions
  • Includes exercises for practising the techniques taught
  • Best fit for beginners who want to get started with character illustration
  • Available for free for two months trial period

Duration : 1 hour on-demand video
Rating : 4.5

6. How to Draw From Beginner to Master (Udemy)

Online Courses on UdemyDrawing is the foundation that every art form is built on from painting and design to architecture to digital animation. It is a skill that can be learnt. This is a nine part course on drawing from fundamentals to photorealism. It is intended for both beginner as well as experienced artists who want to master traditional drawing techniques. It helps students progress quickly and develop the skills to start drawing anything from scratch.

This is an interactive course that requires students to work along. It starts at the ground and builds students up from there to ensure they have a solid foundation to grow from. For example in the beginning students learn about materials like pencil lead weights and what each one is best used for. Then it moves to more intricate topics like how to quickly get measurements and proportions, various techniques to drawing line art, how to create form and depth of field in drawings etc. It uses animations to help participants learn visualization techniques and to simplify complex images, and also teaches how to visually use geometry to bring symmetry and continuity to your work. Fun and easy exercises are included in every module to help students practice and grasp each concept before moving on.

The course is taught by Joseph Patric Daniels, who is an award winning fine artist and illustrator based in NYC. His courses are bestsellers on Udemy and his approach to teaching is very practical and thoughtful. This course of his is a complete training so students can apply what they learn here to any subject matter.

Key Highlights

  • Gain all necessary skills to create art on your own
  • Learn a system to draw hands, eyes, portraits and any object imaginable
  • Learn step-by-step approach to drawing
  • Understand how to recognize and draw using planes
  • Learn how to set up perfect portrait lighting
  • Learn techniques to draw a viewers attention to desired focal points in your drawings
  • Learn best approach to preliminary shading and how to easily shade to create realism in your drawings
  • Real examples of rendering a drawing from start to finish
  • Feedback and critique by the instructor on request

Duration : 8 hours on-demand video
Rating : 4.7

7. Environment Art School: Complete Perspective Drawing Course (Udemy)

Online Courses on UdemyThis perspective and landscape drawing course teaches how to draw landscapes, backgrounds, scenes and professional environments in 3D. You’ll learn to create any environment from vast and fancy landscapes to scenes for character drawings, backgrounds for comics and manga, awesome sci-fi interiors, environment design for video games etc.

This course is a very comprehensive, guided video course that covers both the bare bone basics of perspective drawing to advanced drawing principles including shot types in composition. Students learn all essential perspective and compositional tools that are needed to build out any scene convincingly in 3D.

The course is suited for both beginners and intermediate level artists and can help them push their current environment drawing ability to professional level. They learn to draw using traditional tools like paper, pencil or use digital art tools.

The course is structured very well into 5 modules that are easy to grasp and are well-paced. Each module has assignments that are designed to reinforce the core theories taught and progress rapidly by actually drawing them out.

Key Highlights

  • Learn to create drawings of nature, landscape drawings, environments and interiors for films and games, illustrations, comics, manga, or more
  • Grasp complex perspective theory and landscape drawing techniques faster
  • Learn both the key fundamentals and advanced techniques on how to draw in environment drawing genre
  • Learn how to draw environments from start to finish
  • Understand how to draw with a professional workflow
  • Suitable for artists at any skill level who want to learn landscapes and scenes professionally, in any style
  • Lifetime access to 10 hours of video tutorials with 7 downloadable resources

Duration : 10 hours on-demand video
Rating : 4.6

8. Ink Drawing Techniques: Brush, Nib, and Pen Style (SkillShare)

Online Courses on SkillShareThis Online Class in Drawing Techniques is offered on Skillshare platform by Yuko Shimizu, who is an award-winning Japanese illustrator based in New York City and a veteran instructor at the School of Visual Arts (SVA). The class has over 1.5 hours of video content spread across 15 lessons that explore different drawing techniques and teach fundamentals that students need to experiment with different styles and concepts. There are around 42,000 students enrolled in this class at the time of writing.

The course covers the following subjects:

  • Basic brush, nib, and ink techniques
  • Choosing the most suitable supplies (like ink, paper) for your project
  • Compare Asian and Watercolor brushes
  • How to seamlessly blend brush strokes and pen drawing in an artwork
  • Illustration textures
  • Art of Calligraphy
  • Sketching and scanning essentials
  • Inking fundamentals

In this drawing class, Yuko covers a lot of ground from basics to pro secrets so everyone from a novice to seasoned artist will benefit from the material taught.

Key Highlights

  • Build skills that allow you to experiment in illustration, comic art and high contrast
  • Learn about different types of ink and papers, and how to use them for illustrations or concept drawing
  • Explore different brushes and nibs
  • Learn how to draw the negative white space to add extra dimensionality to your drawing
  • Learn two different ways to remove unwanted ink without destroying your drawing
  • Two months free trial on Skillshare with option to cancel any time

Duration : 1 hour 40 minutes on-demand video
Rating : 4.5

9. Improve Your Drawing Skills – Free Drawing Courses Online (LinkedIn Learning – Lynda)

Online Courses on LinkedIn Learning - LyndaLinkedIn Learning offers a learning path for improving your drawing skills. It comprises of 10 drawing courses that span over 26 hours of video lessons. This learning path demonstrates ways in which students can refine, enhance, and enrich their illustrations. It includes courses that cover topics from sketching techniques to working with perspective, factoring for light, rendering shadows, and more.

Courses available in this learning path are listed below. Students can choose to take up one or more courses or the entire bundle of courses included. Students who complete all courses earn a badge of completion from LinkedIn Learning.

Key Highlights

  • 26 hours of expert-created content
  • Discover the impact of line, tone, negative space, and scale
  • Practice sketching and constructing perspective
  • Create digital drawings and work with vectors
  • All courses are self-paced and offer complete flexibility of time and schedule
  • Exercises available for online practice as well as for download
  • First month is free on signup

Duration : Self-Paced
Rating : 4.5

10. Free Online Drawing Classes (Skillshare)

Online Courses on SkillShareSkillshare is an online learning community with classes available for a rich gamut of subjects. They are known for their extensive catalog of courses taught by experts especially in the creative fields. You can take classes on subjects including illustration, art, design, photography, marketing, videography and more.

Skillshare offers a wide selection of courses on drawing that learners can take advantage of. There are classes on topics of pencil drawing, character illustration, ink illustration, sketching, digital art, figure drawing, watercolor painting and many more subjects. Whatever your skill level where beginner or intermediate or advanced, there are classes where you can pick new and interesting techniques and tips. Some notable classes include the following:

Premium members get access to the entire library of courses on an unlimited basis. At the time of writing Skillshare is offering 2 months of their premium membership for free.

Key Highlights

  • Classes taught by professionals and subject matter experts
  • Flexibility to learn at one’s own pace
  • Learners can take up single class on a topic that they want to learn or opt for an entire bundle of courses
  • Include assignments and projects for reinforcing and practising the skill set
  • Current and frequently updated tutorials
  • Free access to all courses for 2 months on signup

Duration : Self-Paced
Rating : 4.5

11. Drawing and Painting Online Art Course (London Art College)

Online Courses on London Art CollegeThis is a diploma course offered by London art College through the correspondence mode. It is designed to build artistic skills and refine the technique so that learners can express their creativity better. The course is very well structured to cover all aspects of creative media and subject matter, from the fundamentals of sketching and colour, to composition, painting and experimenting with style. The course syllabus includes:

  • Perspective
  • Drawing in pencil, pen and ink
  • Drawing plants and flowers
  • Drawing animals
  • Drawing out of doors
  • Distinction between pen and pencil
  • Materials and colours
  • Watercolour techniques and preparation
  • Size and proportion of pictures
  • Composition
  • Landscapes
  • Oil painting
  • Experiments with style
  • Acrylics and gouache
  • Capturing life and movement

The course includes regular exercises and assignments that allow the students to practice the techniques learnt and test them as they go along. Students submit their artwork on the college’s website for tutors to critique. The tutor then uploads the feedback for each student. The instructors of this course are practising artists themselves so they bring a lot of experience and expertise to the lessons.

The expected duration of this course is approximately 1 year although the students can take up to two years to complete the course. After completing this diploma course students are equipped with a portfolio of work and a foundation of core creative skills.

Key Highlights

  • A cost effective introduction to the world of the creative artist
  • Well structured curriculum with proven progressive study units that are easy to follow
  • Regular assessment and feedback for students
  • Access to a separate student area on the website where students submit their work and a forum to discuss with fellow students
  • Flexible timelines to allow students to concentrate more of their time on sections of particular interest
  • Friendly tutors to guide the students throughout the course

Duration : Self-Paced
Rating : 4.4

12. Online Art & Drawing Classes (Creativebug)

Online Classes on CreativebugCreativebug is an online education community where creative artists and learners come together. They have a repository of thousands of on-demand videos and classes in the field of art and craft. When you sign-up on Creativebug, you get unlimited access to all these online art and craft classes. Their unlimited membership comes at a nominal price of $7.95 a month, with a free 7 day trial at the time of writing.

Creativebug has a strong line of online classes in drawing and illustration subjects. Here’re some of the classes that you can take up:

It is a very practical course with real examples and assignments requiring students to draw. There are exercises that hone the observational skills of the students. By the end of this course students are better prepared to draw almost anything and are ready to acquire advanced level skills. The entire first section of the course is free which allows students to go through the content and commit only if they like it.

Key Highlights

  • True beginners course that teaches drawing basic lines and shapes
  • Understand how everything is made of a few basic shapes
  • Understand the basics of volume, light, shadow and composition
  • Learn to hone your observational skills and draw what you see or from your head
  • Be more confident to further your artistic learning on any subject
  • Lifetime access to 11 hours of video lessons and several downloadable resources

Duration : 11 hours on-demand video
Rating : 4.4

14. The Ultimate Drawing Masterclass: Start Drawing Better Today (Udemy)

Online Courses on UdemyThis Udemy Drawing course promises to take a student from being an absolute beginner to feeling confident as an artist. It teaches the basic concepts that any artist needs to draw realistic and professional drawings. The course currently has over 113000 students enrolled.

The course offers more than 26 hours of video lectures that cover a variety of topics. It starts with the fundamentals such as how to warm up, drawing shapes and perspective, shading and light, gesture drawing, color and composition. Then it moves to the next level where it teaches how to apply these skills to create full drawings from imagination. This course also includes a downloadable workbook that contains tips and tricks and exercise sheets that students can follow along.

Following topics are covered in-depth:

  • Basic learning principles like drawing definitions & terms, color theory, etc.
  • Tools and equipment you need to start drawing – from pencils and paper to erasers and specialty drawing tools
  • How to draw basic geometric forms
  • How to draw the human figure with proper proportions and gestures
  • How to add cloth and fabrics to your drawings
  • How to properly add shading to add dimension to your drawings
  • How shapes convey different stories or language about your drawings
  • How to add perspective to your drawings
  • How composition can improve your art, knowing what to include from one side of the frame to the other
  • How to properly display and store your artwork
  • How to turn your drawings into digital art, including adding color to your art

The course is instructed by Kevin Gardin who is a professional illustrator and artist from Windsor, Ontario.

Key Highlights

  • Learn drawing fundamentals and concepts like a pro
  • Exclusive access to a student community of like-minded students
  • Premium instructor support
  • Get access to lifetime course updates
  • Specially designed exercises and assignments for practice
  • More than 26 hours of video drawing lessons with downloadable e-book

Duration : 26.5 hours on-demand video
Rating : 4.3

15. Free Art Lessons – Drawing (Jerry’s Artarama)

Online Lessons on Jerry's ArtaramaYou can find thousands of free drawing lessons on Jerry’s Artarama website. It is one of the best online platforms for free lessons in art. These lessons are created by top professional artists and instructors globally. They include world-renowned portrait artists, professional workshop instructors, fantasy and comic book artists, professional illustrators, and many more.

Beginners can learn to draw under the guidance of these professional artists to improve their skill faster, while at the same time experienced artists too can learn new art techniques from these video demonstrations.

These video drawing tutorials cover a variety of subjects like landscape, architecture, figure and portrait drawing, animals and wildlife, still life, perspective and even cartooning. Students can learn techniques in different drawing mediums such as pencil, charcoal, colored pencil, technical pens with colored inks, watercolor, oil, acrylic and more.

Some of the topics covered in video lessons include:

  • How to hold a pencil in drawing
  • Drawing shapes
  • How to draw human figure
  • Drawing the planes of the head
  • One point, two point, three point perspective in drawing
  • Shading in drawing
  • Portrait drawing
  • Brush and Ink gesture drawing
  • Drawing with grids
  • Drawing fluid
  • Exaggerating shape, form and motion in drawing

Key Highlights

  • Over 4000 free video art lessons
  • Tutorials created by leading professional artists
  • Drawing lessons for all media and all skill levels
  • Learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere
  • Lessons updated on a continuous basis

Duration : Self-Paced
Rating : 4.5

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